Review of MY PET JOBBER 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMY PET JOBBER 2 – 39 mins

After a quick recap from Part 1, where we see Kat Van Wilder utterly destroy poor Monroe, leaving her in an embarrassing heap, then watching her twitch under a towel, into the mat-room walk Nicole and Sumiko, dressed in matching black racer suits and gear, looking at the twitching mess under the terrycloth with bemusement.  After peeking under, they discover Monroe, complete with “Jobber Girl” scrawled on her belly and a note left by Kat, letting them know that she’s a huge fan of theirs and has left Monroe as a warm-up gift, provided they leave her left wrapped up as Kat has her own fun planned for later. Nicole is ecstatic as they inspect their prize up close and personal, then in unison she and Sumiko wake Monroe with twin boots to the belly, exploding air from her lungs and making her eyes cross, but bringing her back to waking. They drag her to her feet and throw her against the wall, taking turns driving their fists into her belly and making air explode from her lungs as her cheeks puff and her eyes cross. Bewildered, Monroe has no idea who they are, and they explain the circumstances to her before she suddenly tries to run away.  They grab her by the arms and fling her back into the wall, laying into her with more shots to the belly with knee lifts and punches. After a long session of targeting Monroe’s belly, the dastardly duo continues the punishment, flinging her into the other wall for running knee lifts that explode the air from her lungs again and again until she collapses in a folded-over heap, firing running belly kicks while she catatonically grunts, her ass wobbling in the air, running belly splashes that make her body rock as her lungs flatten under impact after impact, her eyes rolling back into her head, sleeper holds that make her gasp and sputter as she goes limp on her feet, bearhugs that make her gasp and grunt as her lungs are crushed, split splashes that make her buck, face-sit pins that humiliate her, figure four neck scissors that make her writhe and struggle, arm bars that make her wince in pain and more.  See Monroe get completely destroyed.

Monroe continues to impress me by just being the perfect jobber girl. Videos like this are made for girls like Monroe. This was one hell of a video for not only that, but I also got to hand it to Sumiko and Nicole for being completely crazy, super high energy heels, especially, Nicole, who seemed to have sweetened her coffee that morning with about 6 spoons cocaine. I mean she was off the walls, almost literally. It was funny watching Sumiko try to match that energy, but most of the just seemed to end up laughing, the kind of laughs that I felt were genuine laughs as she too was watching just how insane Nicole was being. That being said, this was still Monroe’s show and see did an excellent job taking center stage. The way she sells these moves in a beautifully OTT way and just how submissive she is, is so perfect for roles like this. I also love that this continues a story started in a previous video, as Kat is lending her pet jobber to Sumiko and Nicole. I love the idea that Monroe is so helpless that she can be lent out for other to practice with. Some of you might remember that I have a similar story with a “practice dummy”, maybe Black Velvets would be nice enough to lend her toy to someone in the near future as well. Who knows, but what I do know is that this is one of those videos you got to see this one, either for Monroe’s performance or Nicole’s, both are something I won’t soon forget.

Overall score: 9.9/10