Review of My Personal Punching Bag

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubMy Personal Punching Bag – 10 mins

You walk in and Cali Logan is waiting there to kick your ass! She’s looking pretty sexy in a little pink bikini and some black boxing gloves. Cali has had a lot of experience and thinks you should be really fucking nervous. You thought you were big and bad, so she’s ready to get to it! Cali sexily growls “I hope you’re ready to get beat by a girl,” as she gives you a hard right hook to the head… …but her little boxing glove just bounced right off… next you strife and she misses! She bounces around and BAM! You punch her right in the face!! She’s still not scared of you though…BAM! You punched her right in the stomach and she slams against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Next you give a great left hook to the eye!! Dang! You just wail on her stomach! Jab after jab, Cali Logan weakens…getting redder…even more bruised up… Breathy, Cali says “…just let me catch my…” BAM! You’ve given her no room to even finish her sentence!! Cali really is your personal boxing bag!! I bet you can guess who wins tonight!!

I love POV boxing vids and I love seeing Cali playing the helpless jobber role, so this was a quick and easy pick for me. Simply put, I loved just about everything about this vid except for two things. The first thing I can’t be to upset about, because he probably didn’t know he was doing it until after the video was done and that was, the cameraman was breathing right into the mic of the camera and I mean directly into the mic, for pretty much the entire video. It was like having someone breathing in your ear for 10 mins, minus actually being able to feel the heat from their breath. The other thing I didn’t like, was no knockdowns. I just really like knockdowns in my boxing vids, the struggle to stay in the fight adds a lot to the full match, especially in squash matches like this one. Other than that, Cali sold this really well, getting nice and exhausted near the end, even giving her verbal submission, which of course didn’t save her. She looks excellent in this tiny pink thong bikini, her feet were clean, or at least as far as I can tell and it ended with a nice KO. So just added knockdown or two, with a ten count and just be a little more careful with the breathing in the mic thing. The good outweighs the bad in this one and I just can help but love seeing Cali get KO’d.

Overall Score: 9/10