Review of MoRina Gets Whacked

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Review of Helpless and UnawareMoRina Gets Whacked – 12 Mins

MoRinaMoRina has just come home and has the mail in her hand. She’s standing in the front room, sorting through it absent-mindedly. This sexy milf is wearing a short jean skirt, sexy green sweater and high heels. A bad guy walks up behind her, out of her field of vision, and whacks her over the head. She collapses on the ground, her long, toned legs askew, revealing her pink and purple thong underneath the denim skirt. You enjoy the view of her limp body until she regains her composure, shakes it off and gets back up again. She didn’t even realize she had been hit over the head by an intruder! As she starts to look through the mail again, the intruder comes behind her again and whacks her. She lets out a yelp before hitting the ground again. She gets knocked out six times! This gives the term “dizzy blonde” new meaning… her head is spinning from all this! As she recovers from the sixth time, she sees the intruder in her home! All of a sudden, it’s all coming together in her foggy little brain. She begs him not to hurt her and promises to do anything in exchange. The bad guy tells her to show him her tits. She quickly complies and pulls the neckline of her sweater down to reveal her big breasts. Of course, he knocks her out again anyway… he wanted to get another good long look at her without listening to her whining….

Now this is a really simple clip, but I really have a thing for clips like this. There’s no limp play or over top reactions, which actually, wouldn’t be a bad thing to see added to a clip like this, but just simple and quick KOs on this really sexy girl MoRina, who I’ve never seen before, but I like her so far. She drops like I rock, leg spread showing of her panties. We get a good long look at her laid out and watch as she comes to, slowly makes her way back up to her feet, only to get KO’d again. There’s really not much to it, but with the sexy outfit, heels and upskirts, I really enjoyed this, especially the KOs where she’s got both her legs out straight and she’s perfectly spread eagled, those are best. Actually, the final KO is the best, where the guy that’s been KOing her tells her to show him her tits and she does, but get KO’d again anyway. So now she spread eagled and her breasts are out. A very great ending to this very simple, very enjoyable and well done clip.

Overall Score: 9/10