Review of Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next

Review of Knockout Cats Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next (Morgan’s Next Session) – 11.5 mins

The stunning Nikki Next just had a session client cancel on her at the last minute, and she finds out that her client kicked her to the curb for a session with her roomie, the beautiful Morgan Del Ray! Why would anyone choose Morgan over Nikki? Stronger scissors? Hotter legs? Let’s find out, as Nikki and Morgan show one another what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the other girl’s holds… A verbal argument over who’s better escalates when Nikki punches Morgan in the stomach and drags her out of the bathroom by her hair. Nikki’s out to prove to Morgan that her legs and scissors are superior, so she starts out by squeezing Morgan’s tight little body between her thighs in a body scissors while restraining her arms in a full nelson. Next (no pun intended), Miss Next crushes Morgan’s neck in a head scissors from behind that has her gasping for breath. To tighten her grip, Nikki transitions to a figure four head scissors, and that’s all Miss Morgan can take before slipping into a deep sleep between Nikki’s killer legs. The next scissors in Nikki’s impromptu session is a side head scissors that sends Morgan into a slumber once again. While Morgan gets some zzz’s, Nikki takes the time to pose with her foot on the pretty girl’s face. But there’s no sleep for the wicked… only more scissors. Morgan wakes and finds herself in a reverse head scissors this time. Nikki commands Morgan to admit that she’s got the best scissors, but Morgan refuses and traps Nikki’s neck in a scissors as well. The ladies struggle in a double head scissors until Nikki concedes and releases Morgan. That doesn’t stop Miss Del Ray though. She continues to squeeze the life out of poor Nikki and then plants her foot on Nikki’s stomach in a victory pose. Morgan slaps Nikki back to consciousness and applies a unique back-bridging leg lock maneuver. Even more impressive, she adds a choke hold while arching backward, and Nikki eventually falls limp. One more time, Morgan awakens Nikki, and it’s time to finish her off in a body scissors and dragon sleeper combo. Unable to pry Morgan’s legs apart, Nikki succumbs to the sleeper and drifts into dreamland yet again. Morgan stands with a foot on Nikki’s face, and having proven her dominance this time, she’s off to session with Nikki’s ex-client.

A new release from Knockout Cats with the lovely Morgan Del Ray who I know and love vs a girls that is new to me, Nikki Next. This is probably one of the most plausible reasons for a fight between two lovely girls that I can think of. I always like to see creative and new reason for ladies to do battle like this. The story set up also supports the style of fight they have, being session girls that are trying to prove who’s best it makes sense for them to have a scissors battle. I am a fan of Morgan both winning and losing, losing because she looks amazing, and winning because she flexible and uses that ability in her offense. So, I was pretty happy see her on both sides in this. Nikki Next, made a pretty great first impression on me, doing a good job selling on both sides of this one as well. Overall, this is a very great story and set up for a good fight with a plenty of KOs and as well delivered by both these beautiful ladies. I don’t know when or who will be in the next Knockout Cats release, but I know I am looking forward to seeing it.

Overall Score: 9/10