Review of More than one way to skin a Meryl

Review of DefeatedMore than one way to skin a Meryl – 25 mins

There’s no time for talk in this one, as soon as the cameras are rolling Stella and Meryl run for the middle of the mats where we’ve placed a gun. This is the start of several scenes where the ladies battle each other for survival. The first scene is a gun, the second scene is a fight for who’s best, the third scene we give them a rope, the forth scene one of them has to make the other drink a small bottle of poison and in the final scene they both have knives. Long story short, Meryl meets her demise in each and every scene. Sometimes she puts up a good fight and is even able to KO Stella for time to time, but Stella is always able to fight back and eventually leave Meryl twitching on the mats. Stella also makes sure to humiliate Meryl along with way with trash talking, wedgies and spanking. Things don’t go to well for Meryl at all in this one, but there’s always next time.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and we got a sexy, deadly and over the top one for you guys with this one. This time we get to see Meryl, who has been literally kicking butt and faces around Defeated a lot lately, get some serious time on the losing end. This cool vid gives us several scenes and several methods of taking out the lovely Meryl. From guns, to knifes, to poison, to strangulation, poor Meryl meets her end in each and every scene and each time we get some lovely OTT reactions from Meryl, with twitching, tongue protrusion, drooling and eye rolling. This is like a quick reminder that Meryl can really sell it too. But you can’t have Stella go completely flawless, as there are a few times that Meryl does put up a fight, even managing to KO Stella one time, and just like Meryl does, Stella too sell this very OTT. Overall, it good to see Meryl losing, since she has been winning a lot. It’s also good to have a little bit of Stella losing too, just because I love her so, but this is Meryl’s show and it is a great and brutal video. One that has easily earned it way onto my always growing favorites list.

Overall score: 9.9/10