Review of Mixed Mayhem: Tiffany Tatum

Review of DefeatedMixed Mayhem: Tiffany Tatum – 24.5 mins

It seems you guys are enjoying watching our girls get complete humiliated and dominated by our male wrestlers. So we have decided to keep that ball rolling. This time it’s Tiffany’s turn. She has yet to feel what it’s like to take on one of our guys. She starts out aggressive, but is instantly over powered and put to sleep with a sleeper hold. From that point forward Tiffany is at the mercy of this man and he does exactly as he pleases. He bends Tiffany beyond belief, KOs her at will, strips her completely naked, eventually. He does take his time getting all her clothing off. And he seems to enjoy spanking her, hard, even folding her into precarious positions just humiliation her and slap her ass even more. Finally, when Tiffany is obviously defeated, he puts her lights out one more time with a devastating choke and leaves her, naked, asleep, with her smacked red ass in the air for all to see.

Back with another Defeated review for you guys and they nailed this one, right on the head. We do love these mixed matches where their girls get completely crushed, stripped naked and humiliated. I honestly hope they put every single girl willing though matches like this, while continuing to do it to Amirah as well along the way. This time we get to see Tiffany get wrecked and it is just a glorious as you can imagine. Tiffany is quite flexible and they use the hell out of her flexibility here, folding her, bending her and twisting her in some pretty brutal ways. There’s also just some normal beatdown stuff too, like chokes and sleeper holds. A good number of KOs come from this beatdown, little bit of OTT action with a smidge of twitching and some tongue protrusion. Plenty of super sexy humiliation though. This guy in particular like to spank Tiffany and he brings it too, not just some soft pats on the ass, but some solid slaps that have her ass nice and rosy red by the end. Of course Tiffany gets stripped completely naked losing a piece of clothing here than there. I love that her shoes weren’t the first thing to go, but still wished they were on longer. And I know this is a foot fetish site, but the momentary foot worshiping thing seem unnecessary and maybe even a bit forced. Short as that part is, I rather just not have to watch this guy tongue the solos of her feet. Overall, I’m a huge fan of this Mixed Mayhem stuff and hope Defeated really does at least one of these for anyone willing and several more with Amirah, yes I really love Amirah.

Overall Score: 9.5/10