Review of Mixed Feelings: Domination

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsMixed Feelings: Domination – 17 Mins

SahryeSahrye comes to Spectrum thinking she’s going to break in the male newcomer, Brian, without any issue. She quickly finds out that she’s far off base after the two lock up and he slams her against the wall by her throat before tossing her effortlessly to the mats. From that point forward, Sahrye fights desperately round by round to make a comeback, never losing spirit or drive, but also never achieving her goal. Each round ends with Brian putting Sahrye out with a variety of techniques before taking advantage of her prone position to carry out his own fantasies. He limp checks her body parts and eyes as well as enjoys her sexy curves and most private areas… to great extent. Sahrye has no idea this is happening while she is out: it’s shameful enough to her that she’s being dominated in the match! When Brian has taken her through the wringer numerous times, he decides to carry out his playtime elsewhere and reveal his big secret. He strips Sahrye naked before slapping her awake, grabbing her hair aggressively to present her totally nude body to her. At the sight of her bared flesh, Sahrye is fully aware of what has been going on for the duration of the match and starts panicking. Brian laughs, tears her up off the mats and throws her over his shoulder. Sahrye screams and desperately attempts to escape Brian’s over the shoulder carry but her efforts are fruitless…. he is far too motivated by the thoughts in his mind to let her go.

This is easily one of the sexiest, most one sided affairs of this series so far, as the new guy in town effortlessly dominates and knocks out the once confident Sahrye. There is a lot of great limp play in this as Brian does as her please with Sahrye after knocking her out. I love how he just rolls her around and pulls her clothes out of the way and eventually off completely to have a better look at her body. The KOs are also great, there’s a nice variety, they come at a good pace, they all look very rough and Sahrye sells the crap out of them. I love how eyes go huge when she’s shocked by the power and aggressiveness of Brian, then they roll back as her struggles are useless and she loses consciousness. The ending is a bit rapey, as Brian carries off the naked, kicking and screaming Sahrye so he and “the boys” can have their fun with her. I’d rather have her left out cold and defeated in the middle of the mats then being left with that metal image. Overall, this is a really great mixed domination video and another amazing performance by the gorgeous Sahrye.

Overall Score: 9.5/10