Review of Misty Stone Maledom POV

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Review of Hit the MatMisty Stone Maledom POV – 16 Mins

Misty Stone stars in this custom POV boxing fantasy of almost pure male domination.  The topless Misty is her mouthy, sassy self and gets beaten decisively.  Misty manages a desperate, dramatic flurry but is punishingly humiliated throughout the fight.  She talks trash as she always does and chastises you for beating her up, but “you” show her no mercy.  It also seems Misty’s nipples are rather sensitive! Watch Misty get completely destroyed.

Really nice POV from HTM as the beautiful Misty Stone gets just about completely dominated, only getting in a few good punches, but not even getting a knockdown of her own. Misty does however get knocked down and knocked around quite a bit, even hit while she down. Low blows and tit punches are plentiful as well. Misty is helpless against your punches, but she keeps getting back up, keep running her mouth and keeps getting knocked back down. It’s a great show, I love Misty’s expressions, the leather-like bikini bottom look great on her, I love her fit little body and her tough girl attitude. A great POV, one of the most one sided ones I’ve seen for HTM, great stuff.

Overall Score: 9.5/10