Review of Mistress Vs Teen: Belly Destruction to Humiliation

Review of DefeatedMistress Vs Teen: Belly Destruction to Humiliation – 22 Mins

Eden Mal is much more experienced than little Lilith. The fight begins and Eden punches Lilith’s belly many times, before putting a painful scissor, on her already weak stomach. Lilith gets weaker and weaker, and then she gets trap in a smothering facesit. She can’t escape in anyway and the KO is coming soon as she’s stuck between Eden’s chicks. Eden ties her up, wakes her up by biting Lilith’s nipples, just to start. Lilith gets ass spanked until her ass is red, and she is KO’d again with a hand over mouth smother. The mistress has completely destroyed the tiny Lilith!

Some more Defeated action coming at you guys and another bad day for poor Lilith, this time she takes a one sided beatdown at the hands of Eden Mal. First off, I love this skimpy white outfit Lilith has on and Eden looks really sexy too. Some really nice reactions to the belly punches from Lilith, folding up, clutching her belly, looking up at Eden like she can’t believe she hit her and gasping for air. First few mins are all belly punches, softening up Lilith for an extended body scissors and a pretty long facesit for a KO. The two moves here are held on a little longer then I’d like, but it is great watching Lilith struggle and squirm then slowly go still. A little light bondage and some nipple torture, then Lilith gets folded in half with her feet and butt in the air for a little spanking. And a final hand over mother smoother for another KO seals the deal on another crushing defeat for Lilith. I love seeing the slender and sexy Lilith woman handled and taken advantage of. She’s not Stella or Elizabeth, but man she’s great a looks so good.

Overall Score: 9/10