Review of Mistress Vs Mistress

Review of DefeatedMistress Vs Mistress (Fight for the territory ends to neck snap) – 11 Mins

Elizabeth is new into town, she still doesn’t know who the boss here is, and Eden Mal is here to teach her a hard lesson. High heels booted with night kimono dress, she’s so sexy, so arrogant and looks so dangerous. This is her territory, and like a hunter, she’s going to defend it, in the way she knows best. Elizabeth gets attacked with belly punches, knees to the belly and sleeper holds. The first humiliation Eden decides for her is to remove her heels, to show her who the real mistress is. Without heels Elizabeth seems really insignificant compared to Eden. Eden puts her into headscissors until KO. Eden wakes Elizabeth up and hits her again in her stomach, Elizabeth can’t take anymore and falls to the floor again. Eden then forces her to beg her to stop, and she forces her to kiss her high heels. A good ending for a mistress vs mistress competition, or not? She chokes her with her heels KOing again. Because she’s a good person, Eden kisses Elizabeth… before snapping her neck. Now who’s the mistress here?

Some more Defeated action coming at you, this one a looks a little different a first, with the ladies in heels and no mat on the ground, but in the end, it’s Elizabeth for the first time getting completely dominated and humiliated. Eden is the dominate one here, playing a mistress, battling a new comer. Elizabeth starts confident, running her mouth out how much better she is than Eden. Eden drops Elizabeth to the floor with one knee to the belly and all that toughness is gone. From then on it all Eden in control with Elizabeth begging for mercy, mercy that only comes after a few KOs, kissing Eden’s boots, admitting that Eden is better and a final neck snap to seal the deal. Elizabeth plays the jobber so well it’s a real shame that it’s taken this long to see her totally defeated and I honestly have to say Stella may have some serious competition for being the best jobber at Defeated, if Elizabeth always performs at this level. I love the sexy heels, it’s always nice to see heels in a fight clip and I love the sexy outfits too, both ladies look stunning. And again, I just love how amazing of a jobber Elizabeth is, I can’t wait to see her next defeat.

Overall Score: 9.9/10