Review of Mistaken Identity

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMistaken Identity – 17 mins

Becca and Madison are waiting impatiently for a new practice partner to show up when a young girl in a cute summer dress enters. She thinks she’s at a job interview but is obviously at the wrong address. This doesn’t matter to the tough bikini clad girls who immediately pounce on the unsuspecting Liv! The poor girl is held by one girl and punched out by the other with Becca and Madison taking turns dishing out the punishment. Poor Liv is knocked down and knocked out several times as she’s taunted and teased by the tough FWR girls. At one point they strip Liv down to her bra and panties then tie her up to continue working her over. They finally toss the disheveled beauty into the ring and dominate her with some double-teamed wrestling/punching moves that nearly finish her off. In the end, Liv is hogtied on the ropes as Becca and Madison enjoy their work. This great video ends with an epilogue where Becca and Madison escort Liv out … only to change their minds and send her to dreamland one more time with a double uppercut! Enjoy!

Another one of these lovely and brutal beat down videos, like the dearly missed Sasha used to do a lot and I fear this is the last time we’ll get to see the lovely Liv in this kind of situation. Just like the one we just saw Liv go through, this too is a 2 on 1 beat down, with a lot be belly punches and face punches. Becca and Madison show no mercy and they KO Liv over and over. I really love these vids, with the high heel boots, the cute dresses and of course the brutality. It’s an attire we don’t get to see often and Liv looks so great wearing it. It’s also a match type we don’t get too often either. I mean we get fist fights, but not beat downs like this. There is a little wrestling mixed in, once Liv is stripped down and tosses in the ring, but it ends with more punches as Becca and Madison tie her to the ropes and KO her out again. But it doesn’t end there. Becca and Madison redress Liv and start to help her out, before they decide she need one more KO for good measure. This is a lot like “Liv Learns a Lesson” but different enough to still be awesome. Check it out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10