Review of Mistaken Identity II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMistaken Identity II – 21.5 mins

If you recall, Liv accidentally ended up in the wrong place when applying for a job (see “Mistaken Identity”) and ended up being destroyed by Becca and Madison. In this episode, Peyton walks into the dining room where Becca and Tommie are discussing upcoming fights. Peyton thinks she’s at the office of the F&WR company (the Fish and Wildlife Reporter). It doesn’t take long for Becca and Tommie to lead the unsuspecting young lady to the studio where they attack! Poor Peyton is double teamed with belly punches, face punches, and round house kicks to the face! Dressed in a tight dress and knee-high boots, Peyton is knocked out over and over again from the blows to her head and body! With a few low blows and hammerlocks added in, the unsuspecting beauty is increasingly overwhelmed. Peyton ends up in her bra and panties with her wrists tied behind her for the second half of this beat down. Along with all the one-sided fisticuffs you’ll also enjoy some sweet choke holds, a head scissor knockout, and a sleeper hold knockout. We know you’ll enjoy this video!

I just love these kinds of vids, last time when Liv did her version, I talked about how much a loved it when we had Sasha Fae doing vids like this fairly often. So I am even happier to see Peyton being selected for this role. Liv did a great job in her video and Peyton does even better. I felt like there was just a ton of KOs in the one. It was only minutes, maybe sometimes seconds before Becca or Tommie sent Peyton flying to the floor out cold again, which was fantastic to see. This beat down is pretty brutal too, lots of fisticuff action, from belly punches to face punches, to kicks to the face and knees to the belly. And it’s not bad enough that Peyton was not dressed to fight, or expected to fight, but she also tied up and gagged for a portion of this video. The dress and boots is another part that I love about these beat downs, not only is it something that we just don’t see too often and I just looks so great. I really hope to see this style of video consistently popping up here and there.

Overall Score: 9.9/10