Review of Miss Glass Jaw

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Miss Glass Jaw – 11.5 Mins

peytonWe join the tough and confident Vanessa Harding shadow boxing in the ring. Cute little Peyton enters with her pink boxing gloves. Our tiny beauty feels that Vanessa has been in so many brutal fights over the years that she’s probably got a glass jaw. Vanessa attacks poor Peyton with jabs to the face and a powerful uppercut that knocks her out! The resident veteran decides to remove the boxing gloves to go at it bare fisted. When Peyton wakes up and shakes off the cobwebs, the confident Vanessa offers her chin to the little girl for a free shot. BIG MISTAKE! Peyton winds up and pounds Vanessa with a right hook that spins her toward the camera. We see her eyes roll, a silly grin on her face, and hear birdie sounds in the back ground as she drops to the mat! From there on out we enjoy seeing sweet Peyton beat the crap out of Vanessa. You’re treated with plenty of eye rolls, groggy faces, silly reactions, and a sweet speedbag facial! You’ll LOVE seeing cute little Peyton destroy the veteran Vanessa Harding!

I always love a nice silly boxing/fist fighting vid and FWR definitely makes some of the best. This is an example of that, with veteran Vanessa putting on quite a show for us filled with silly/dazed reactions. I love the set up here first showing that Vanessa could easy dominate Peyton if she tried, but then proving Peyton’s glass jaw theory to be true. I do love to see a cocky and dominate Peyton every now and then but definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Vanessa gaining some revenge. I really like the outfits here too, a little more “street clothes” then usual, looks great on both ladies and is a nice change from the norm. Always a fan for the silly stuff, that’s never going to change, so this one easily finds a spot in my favorites list.
Overall score: 9.5/10


  • OMG

    I’d say the same for this as you said for the Jenny one – I wish Becca had been doing more of the selling. Flip the script.

  • OMG

    I mean Peyton obviously lol

    • This one i was a little better with, because Peyton isn’t a good at selling as Becca, and Vanessa isn’t bad at selling. So the gap between who is the better jobber was much narrower here then in the Jenny clip.

      • I don’t understand why Vanessa isn’t a better jobber than she is . I agree she did a better job than Jenny , but in some ways that’s small praise . Vanessa has acted in some micro – budget movies , and while these films are obscure and she’s no Meryl Streep , I’m guessing she can take direction and give out with the over – the – top silliness if she had to . In my opinion , Rick needs to give these ladies some coaching , because based on what I’m seeing , I wouldn’t want either of these girls in a goofy custom video of my own .

        • I’ve actually seen Vanessa sell better at FWR, back in the day, so video where she was drugged and dominated, it was quite good, at least so i remember. I don’t really know what if miss direction of lack of direction is the problem, but I’d still this some role reversal would fix this one too.