Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMIRIYA’S WISH – 22 mins

We hear the lovely Miriya’s voice as it reads an email sent to Sleeperkid… one confessing her secret desire to be destroyed as a “worthless jobber girl”.  She begs him to set her up as a victim to a seasoned pro wrestler and SK asks her to show up to the mat room a few days later.  Miriya does but there’s no one around.  She calls SK and leaves him a message about how disappointed she is as pro star Jessie Belle makes her way in and suddenly attacks.  Turns out she’d rented the mat room for a few hours and is none too happy to see some no-name standing in it.  She proceeds to grant Miriya’s wish, though the sheer brutality of her attacks may make Miriya make a second wish to make the unstoppable beatdown go away! As Jessie leaves, we see Miriya wake up just long enough to let the world know she considers herself a “hopeless jobber girl” who “deserved” her beatdown, leaving us to realize that her wish may have come true after all!!!

Videos like this make me wonder why we don’t see Miriya more often. She’s been around SKW for quite a while, but wouldn’t be what I’d call consistent or a fan favorite which is mind boggling because every time she’s in a video she delivers absolutely amazing performances. She even has her own unique selling style, with expressions and reactions that only Miriya can do. So hopefully maybe with this, yet again outstanding jobbing performance we can start seeing Miriya on a regular basis. There’s really nothing not to love about this one, Miriya is a willing victim, even though Jessie doesn’t know that, Miriya gets put though a ton of great moves and is KO’d repeatedly. Some of my favorite parts was Jessie using Miriya’s braided pony tails to choke her out, a ton of this kicks to the chest, where Jessie literally stomps a mud hole in Miriya and walks it dry, and the brutal chair shots to the face. And all everything is sold beautifully over the top and with plenty of overkill attacks too. Not to mention we also get Jessie Belle as the heel which of course means there’s tons of great trash talking. Jessie really is my favorite talker, you just never know what she’s going to say next. So like a said, nothing here not to love, an easy must own for us over the top fans.

Overall Score: 10/10