Review of Mind Controlling Masks

Review of DefeatedMind Controlling Masks – 7 mins

Elizabeth explains to us that she has won two masked from an underground MMA tournament. One mask changes pain into pleasure, the other, which she plans on using in her match against Dee today is a powerful mind controlling mask. When Dee shows up she isn’t bothered by Elizabeth’s mask, she confident she can beat her, that is until Dee’s first attack comes back and hit her in the face. Elizabeth laughs and asks why she’s attacking herself, but every time Dee tries to attack Elizabeth she only attacks herself. Elizabeth laughs as Dee KOs herself over and over, leaving herself twitching on the ground. Finally Elizabeth orders Dee to choke herself until she can’t anymore and because of the power of Elizabeth’s mask Dee has no choice. Dee chokes herself until she’s KO’d with her butt in there air. All while Elizabeth laugh at her misery in the background.

More Defeated action coming at you and the is another new and interesting video idea, one that has mind control, Dee beating herself up, Elizabeth laughing so hard it makes me laugh and some over the top reactions. Again, I have to say how much I love that Defeated just keeps trying out new things and bringing us really cool and fun videos like this. I love the idea of using mind control to force your opponent to beat themselves up. I think Dee did a decent job of kicking her own ass. She did a great job with the over the top stuff and I love the darri-air KO at the end. I love Elizabeth, she’s so cocky and talks some much trash, but I really love just how much she was laughing at Dee, it made me laugh. This mask is really cool looking, although I’ll admit I did miss seeing Elizabeth’s pretty face a little bit. This was a pretty quick vid, but displays a new story idea, some nice over the top action, a few KOs, Elizabeth having too much fun being super cocky and just how out of the box Defeated vids can be. Vids like this definitely have me looking forward to what Defeated will come up with next.

Overall Score: 9/10