Review of Mikayla Vs. Hannah Choked

Review of Fetishlands Fight NightMikayla Vs. Hannah Choked – 18 mins

Hannah walks into the house and begins looking around. Hannah finds whatever she was looking for and Mikayla comes up behind her and puts her in a chokehold and tells her she is going to put her to rest. Hannah begins struggling and trying to stay awake but she ends up being knocked out. After Hannah is knocked out Mikayla picks her up, which in turn wakes her up. Mikayla begins choking Hannah out with her hands. Mikayla has Hannah on her knees and she tells Hannah its okay. Hannah goes back to rest after some struggle. Mikayla lifts and puts Hannah over her shoulder just to put her down in a chair with her feet on the table. Mikayla begins choking out Hannah again telling her its okay and to just go to rest. Mikayla begins squeezing her face while she is napping, asking her if this is what she came for since she wanted to be a thief in her house. Mikayla is proud of teaching Hannah a lesson about breaking into her house with knocking Hannah out several times

This video is a few years old, but seemed pretty fun when I stumbled across it a few weeks ago. The idea is simple, poor Hannah gets repeatedly chokes out by this massive structure of a woman, Mikayla and that’s about it. First thing I want to talk about is the size of Mikayla, she’s got to be 6 foot something, makes Hannah look even smaller than she already is and why isn’t this woman kicking butt all over this industry. Being that tall, she’s a natural heel already. Anyways, the choke outs are pretty great. Hannah does a lot of struggling, some nice tongue protrusion and facial expressions, before slowly fading out. I don’t like the feet up on the table, though. I’m not a foot guy and having them stuffed in my face for half the video is a bit of a turn off and a detraction from the real show, which is Hannah’s facial expressions. I also like the face squeezing and mocking that happens at the end of the video. Overall it is a cool little video. Hannah does always make for a wonderful victim.

Overall score: 8/10