Review of Meryl Rents Training Dummies

Review of DefeatedMeryl Rents Training Dummies – 26 mins

Meryl has lost her last few matches and is starting to be known as a jobber. She is tired of losing so she’s sitting with her tablet watching wrestling vids trying to improve her wrestling skills. Suddenly she gets really excited, it seems she’s found a website that offers practice dummies for training. Meryl doesn’t believe the site is real, but also thinks it would really help her. Meryl, against her better judgment puts an order in. Laughing she says, since this is probably fake, I’ll just order 2 girls and see what happens. Flash to a few days later when her doorbell rings. She opens the door and to her surprise Lilith and Stella moaning and barely able to stand are in her doorway. It’s real! I can’t believe it! They must have been drugged or something. She drags them in and decides it’s time to start the fun. Her two practice dummies are too weak to fight back in anyway, so Meryl tries out a bunch of new moves, trying to work on getting better. Since her dummies are pretty much ragdolls, their reactions are over the top as they can only twitch, roll their eyes and stick their tongues out in resistance to the beatdown they are getting. Meryl takes turns going back and forth, trying her moves on both Stella and Lilith. After a while Meryl starts getting turned on by getting the chance to be do so dominate. She starts kissing and stroking them gently, then undressing them. Finally fully satisfied, Meryl says, Can’t finish a match without a pin! She piles them up on top of each other with Lilith rolled up on top of Stella and counts to ten. She pose proudly over her practice dummies before leaving them to be later collected by the website.  

Back with even more Defeated action and this is a great way to spin what is basically a handicapped ragdoll video. I love the whole story of Meryl trying to be a better wrestler finds a website offering practice dummies. It’s a cool, creative and rather silly way of explaining why Lilith and Stella start out too weak to fight back. This is definitely a new way to get a matching going. Meryl is perfect her role, she really looks to have a lot of fun with her two ragdolls and also uses a wide verity of moves, giving both ladies plenty of time to sell it – site. Speaking of selling, you guys should all know by now how much I love Stella. She again does her damn thing and is absolutely perfect here. Lilith, who started out losing everything has kind of been doing the underdog thing as of late and hasn’t been squashed like this in a while, but it is always so great to see Lilith play the jobber. Plus she so thin, everyone and pick her up and carry her around with ease and of course Meryl does just that. It’s also great to have one girl laid out in the background while Meryl tries another move on the other. It’s just great to always have both girls on screen for the majority of the video, where they’re the one in a hold or not. We also get a few great looking two girl submission holds near the end and a great body pile pin to finish the video off. There’s so much I love about this one, I really can’t think of anything to say against it. It’s a great set up, with great selling, lots of ragdoll action, a little sexiness and you know I always say two jobbers are better than one. No reason not to grab this one as soon as you can.

Overall Score: 9.9/10