Review of Meryl Becomes a guy’s ragdoll

Review of DefeatedMeryl Becomes a guy’s ragdoll – 20 mins

Meryl is in front of the camera again, talking about how she is the best. She might think so, but someone else there doesn’t feel the same. Without a word a man walks up behind her and locks in a sleeper hold. Meryl panics, suddenly finding herself in peril. However, her resistance is futile and the man has the hold locked in so tight, she twitches and drools a little bit before going out. Once out the guy lets Meryl go, she falls limp to the mats and twitches. A neck snap soon follows and Meryl twitches wildly and drools from that. Now, Meryl is really out cold and this guy plays with her limp body for a while, posing her around and doing as he pleases, including removing her top. He soon bores of Meryl being his limp toy and wakes her to continue his beat down. Meryl is completely at his mercy and provides no resistance. Each move he applies to Meryl has her twitching and drooling before going back out cold. This one is definitely for the over the top squash fans. After nearly 20 mins of one sided destruction this guy finally leaves Meryl topless, defeated and laid out on the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and today Defeated’s fiery redhead gets completely destroyed in a beautiful and OTT fashion. It seems that Meryl is taking the place of the seemingly missing Elizabeth, as it is Meryl who is cutting promos in front of the camera, talking about how great she is and how strong she is before getting completely clobbered by whoever walks in the room and overhears her. Not that I am complaining, Meryl is doing a wonderful job filling Elizabeth’s role. This is a prime example of that. Meryl sells the hell out of this defeat, doing a whole lot of twitching, some nice eye crossing and rolling, and all real drooling. I tend to like the water assisted drooling myself, just because there can be more of it, but the real drooling isn’t bad. Of course I love that this was a total squash, Meryl who tends to win a bit more then she loses, can sell her defeats with the best of them, so this was a good show. I do find it kind of funny that Defeated has a stable of nameless guys for these mixed matches, but the one seems to be a good as another, so who needs names. Overall, it’s an OTT squash match, of course I’m going to love it. I do hope we see Elizabeth again soon, and I hope she fights Meryl for taking her role, which of course she’d have to lose, because that would just make sense.

Overall Score: 9.5/10