Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMERRY MEOW MEETS THE MACHINE – 20 mins

merryFilmed in FWR’s amazing RING!!! We fade in on the lovely Merry Meow as she tells the camera girl (played by Jacquelyn Velvets… who also adds color commentary) that she’s no longer afraid of facing The Machine.  Turns out she tricked Sleeperkid into taking a flight out of town after she informed him of a fake emergency (she even dropped him off at the airport), and since Sleeperkid IS THE MACHINE, then the match is null and void. The Machine watches all of this from behind Merry, smiling as he sneaks up behind the lovely redhead and SLEEPERS HER OUT COLD!!!   The match begins, and Merry takes a downright EPIC beatdown… one that eventually begs the question:  How the HELL can Sleeperkid and The Machine be in two different places at the same time!!!

Another great vid shot while SKW was at FWR. The Machine tags along too, just to give Merry a incredible beating. I love The Machine character and all the game we play with him not being Sleeperkid. So I really got a great laugh out of this intro. Merry sells this one sided destruction amazingly. I really love her eyerolling and struggling and there is a ton of it here. There’s also a lot of punch drunkenness as Merry is tosses from pillar to post. The Machine, as usual, is pretty brutal, and fights dirty, delivering a ton of great KOs and using the ring as a weapon many times. Miss Velvets adds a little commentary to this match as well, not too much thought, in fact I’d say she was more on the quiet side in this one. Either way, I always enjoy some Velvets commentary. This is a fantastic squash video, Merry is an outstanding jobber and hopefully she tries her luck against The Machine or even maybe Tiny again soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10