Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMERRY AND THE CLONES – 13 Mins

merryOVER 17 VICTIMS FALL TO AGENT MEOW’S SHARP SKILLS IN THIS AMAZING SKW RELEASE! Features multiple special FX shots, KOs, neck snaps… and a final battle that only leaves ONE fighter standing! We fade in on agent Merry Meow, hidden in the woods with a special tranquilizer-filled sniper rifle.  She receives orders to clear out an entire house of Hannah Perez “ninja clones”.  We see several clones patrolling the house’s perimeter moments before Merry takes them all out with expert shots to the head and chest.  Each time a clone is taken down, her body disappears and is transported to headquarters via a special mist that had been air-dropped earlier that day. Merry makes her way into the house’s yard and is suddenly attacked by a platoon of clones that seem to come out of nowhere!!  She takes them all down and out with ease, however, using everything from neck snaps to bo staff strikes to get the job done.  The clones disappear into thin air as she makes her way inside, taking out yet ANOTHER horde of ninja clones.  She uses a silenced pistol to take most of them out, as well as a sleeper hold and some killer MMA chokes/silencer shots!  After taking out 17 clones (!!!!), Merry makes her way to the bedroom, where she is greeted by the ORIGINAL Hannah Perez.  Hannah points a machine gun at the agent’s back but Merry convinces her to do things the old fashioned way.  A brutal fist fight erupts between the two well-trained agents deliver kicks and punches that collide with each other’s bodies and faces.  A low blow drops Merry, with Hannah knocking her out with three face kicks… only to attempt a fatal chokeout.  Merry manages to kick her way out, knocking Hannah out cold with a well-placed boot to the skull!  Infuriated, she grabs Hannah’s machine gun and finishes her off, adding a secondary blast just to make sure before dragging her out of the room! This is truly one of the best clone videos we’ve ever shot, guys.  And we guarantee fans of multiple KOs will love it!

No this is what I call some fast paced, clone disposal. Once Merry is done sniping all the clones she can see from her snipers nice, which really looks great too, the party really kicks off as ninja Hannahs appear out of nowhere, attacking Agent Meow, how just finished taking out a the previous clones. All the Hannahs fail pretty quickly, but it definitely isn’t from the lack of trying. They bring all sorts of weapons to the party, but only to have said weapons used against them. I really like that Merry is just as thrown off by the evaporating clones as you would expect, sometime even disappearing from her grasp. Finally after all the clones stop appearing and attacking, it’s on to the “boss battle”. Where Merry, luckily for us, doesn’t have as easy of a fight, coming dangerously close to being taken out herself, which gives us a chance to see some of Merry amazing eyerolling and the final Hannah tries to choke the life out of her. This is a fast paced clip, pretty much from start to finish. The KOs come and go as fast as you can image, so no long looks at a KO’d Hannah here. Both Hannah and Merry are super impressive in all the great fast paced action, making it all look very Hollywood. Also, the outfits here are awesome, Merry looks amazing and Hannah has several different outfits that all look great, but “real” Hannah, sexy nun outfit is my favorite of them all. This is one of the most fun vids to watch, that really puts SK’s shooting and editing skills to the test. A test the he destroys like Merry did to all those clones.

Overall Score: 9.5/10