Review of Merciless Mats of Nod Pt 2

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Review of Spectrum Custom Requests Merciless Mats of Nod Pt 2 – 18 mins

The second half of our initial Mats of Nod release may just top the sexiness of its predecessor! This epic exhaustion bout between longtime rivals Jenn and Keri continues with the super sexy element thrown in. The ladies manage to attack and counter attack one another despite their weakened states, utilizing a plethora of strikes and wrestling holds! Both fighter are sent off into mental darkness time and time again. It’s neck and neck, punch for punch, splash for splash as they fight to stay awake and finish off their foe. The remaining two scenes of this battle royale take place in Keri’s bedroom, with punches thrown exploding the ladies onto the mattress for more pain. The holds are applied LONG and TIGHT. This is a pro-style/apartment wrestling EXHAUSTION match.

Finally the long awaited part of the Mats of Nod video is upon us, and thankfully I feel they even better this time selling the exhaustion and over reacting to all the moves. I still favor Keri over Jenn, but Jenn was really amazing with her selling as well. The reason I prefer Keri is because of her twitching, eyerolling and her tongue protrusion. Keri, kind of like Sparrow has here tongue sticking out for pretty much the whole video. Even though it was a pretty even battle, I felt that Keri was on the receiving end for the majority of the video. As I said, Jenn did a great job too, love her reactions to the splashes and elbow drops, also her exhausted crawl away as the scene changes over to the bedroom. I kind of wish they didn’t change scenes, I think things were going really well in the living room and it felt a bit off in the bedroom, although their reactions were still on point. I really love exhaustion matches and I certainly pray that we will eventually get more Mats of Nod videos with maybe Cali, or Cadence, or Hannah, pretty much with anyone else we’d commonly see work with Keri.

Overall Score: 9.9/10