Review of Merciless Mats of Nod: PART ONE

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsMerciless Mats of Nod: PART ONE – 19 mins

SCENE ONE: We fade in on both Keri and Jenn face down with their asses in the air, we can see their faces and some empty glasses nearby. Keri comes to and tiredly crawls over to Jenn. She knocks her to her back and climbs on top of her. She kisses her and we see Jenn kiss her back although she’s still out. The kisses are soft and sensual, no tongue. The sleepy kissing lasts 5-10 seconds before Jenn’s eyes suddenly open. Keri says “no…back to sleep” as her body begins dropping full weight on Jenn 5-6 times. Each time Jenn says OOOF and puffs her cheeks, eyes rolling. Keri starts panting because it’s winding her as well maintaining the upper hand. She then sits Jenn up and slaps on a sleeper hold. Keri begs her to go to sleep repeatedly as Jenn huskily whispers: “getting so sleepy. It’s so hot.” She starts to rub her own pussy as Keri begs her to sleep. Jenn finally succumbs. Keri says “Gotta make sure”, and crawls beside the sleeping Jenn. She drops her belly across Jenn body splashing her. Each time Jenn’s cheeks puff out air as her body jackknifes. Her eyes roll and she goes back out with each splash until only air gets pushed out of her body in soft puffs. After 6 post KO splashes Keri mounts her so she’s right on top of her. She kisses her softly, Jenn kisses back, but Keri’s eyes roll and she says “sleeeepy time” before passing out against Jenn, cheek to face, belly to belly. Fade to black. SCENE TWO: We see Keri slammed into a wall by an exhausted Jenn. She pounds Keri’s belly, causing her to ‘pufffff’ and ‘ooooof’ each time. After a few punches, she leans in and kisses Keri, who kisses back. As they kiss, she sends a few more punches into Keri’s belly. Keri blows air into Jenn’s face in the midst of their sexy smooches… Jenn turns Keri’s body around and sends a bunch of uppercuts (all slow and tired) into her belly. Keri’s ass juts out each time as she lets out long “ooooooooh” and “ooooooooof” sounds. She then turns Keri around and delivers a huge punt to her pussy! Keri grunts as she makes an extremely goofy face (eyes crossed, tongue out). She drops to her knees, holding her crotch, as she softly, mumbles: “that one did it. Nighty…night”. She falls face down, arms to her side and entirely to anybody at first glance aside from the tiny twitching movements she’s making, but she twitches. Her butt lifts up and down in a gyrating fashion, making it look like she’s humping the ground as she puffs out air, her eyes closed and tongue out. “Can’t have you doing that…” Jenn whispers, and falls across her back in a belly to back splash. We see Keri’s eyes open as she oooofs out air. Jenn crawls up so her ass is directly above the small of Keri’s back and lifts her pelvis up. Dropping it across Keri’s back, Jenn lands and makes the blonde ”OOOF”, rolling her eyes each time… After 6 of these she turns Keri around and wakes her up with a punch to the belly. She gets in position for a reverse 69 neck scissors and tiredly tells Keri to do what she wants to do. Jenn’s crotch is right in Keri’s face, so Keri starts to lick it. A few seconds in we see Jenn lift her and slam it into Keri’s belly (while in the 69 scissors position). Keri OOOFs air into Jenn’s crotch each time and Jenn moans in pleasure. 6-7 punches later Jenn says “time to say night night” and puts her in a tight reverse neckscissors. Keri’s eyes roll and her tongue protrudes as she says “lights out for me…” and goes to sleep. Still locked in the scissors, Jenn says “making sure…” and sends 5 big punches to Keri’s belly. Keri’s legs kick up and her cheeks puff out air, her eyes slightly rolling with each punch. Exhausted, Jenn releases the hold and tries to get up, crawling down so her crotch hovers above Keri’s face…but her eyes roll and she says “Oh no…fainting…passing out….sleepy time” and collapses, . They lay there, with Jenn’s crotch on top of Keri’s mouth, and Jenn’s face across Keri’s bikini. Fade to black.

A great sexier spin to an exhaustion match type. Just like the exhaustion vids we see at SKW, both ladies are really slow in their movement, over the top with their reactions with repetitive moves. I don’t think I have even seen Jenn do a video anything like this, but Keri has done this quiet a few times and I think that shows in this video. Keri is a master at the over selling and exhaustion fighting and really does a great job here. Jenn does the exhaustion thing very well, but the over the top reaction are just alright especially in comparison to Keri. The kissing and touching stuff is a really nice addition to the exhaustion idea and it’s certainly sexy to see that added into a match type that is already by itself generally pretty sexy. Also this vid is called part one, and I’ve seen no sight of part two yet, but I would seriously hope to see it soon. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jenn D give it another go, or Keri vs someone else, anyone in this kind of video will be welcomed and enjoyed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10