Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMENDEZ THE MAULER – 17 mins

We fade in on the stunning Jasmine Mendez moments before two mysterious  female wrestlers clad in white gear and luchadora masks suddenly attack!  They wear the stunned Jasmine down with a sleeper hold KO, only to go for a sudden double bearhug!  The powerful Latina manages to smash one of the girls into the wall, however, stacking her attackers up and taking them down with a huge WALL SPLASH!  The masked girls collapse in a pile as Jasmine smiles.  She picks each girl up and knocks her out cold with a MASSIVE uppercut.  Now curious, Jasmine de-masks each girl, revealing them to be none other than SUMIKO and ANNE-MARIE!  Enraged, Jasmine knocks them out with two back to back sleepers, and decides to make an example out of her would-be tormentors.  She takes joy in tearing the twosome apart…until all that’s left is a final and decisive double over the shoulder KO carries!

Man, if I said it once, I must have said it a thousand times, two jobbers are better than one, and there are no two better jobbers than Sumiko and Anne-Marie. They get absolutely dominated by the wonderful Jasmine Mendez, moments after a failed sneak attack and Jasmine does it in glorious fashion. We get all the great moves we except in a great squash only two fold as most of the time both Sumiko and Anne get one each. Of course when you get two of the best jobbers in the business getting squashed by a strong and powerful heel, you’re going to get some amazing reactions, the kind of selling that has made both these ladies fan favorites. Also both ladies are dressed in one of my favorite outfits, with boots and kneepads, so I couldn’t be happier. There’s isn’t more I can say about this one, great outfits, great moves, an awesome heel and the best two jobbers on the planet. You’d be foolish to pass this one up.

Overall Score: 10/10