Review of Meda, The Unstoppable

Review of DefeatedMeda, The Unstoppable – 21 mins

Lilith, Thea and Valerie have challenged Meda, 3 vs 1. Meda accepts the challenge, the only problem is, the handicapped situation only make Meda angry and no one likes her when she’s angry. The girls first try their luck attacking one at time, which goes really badly for them as Meda tosses them to the mats repeatedly with ease. When they try to team up and attack Meda together, unfortunately the results aren’t any better, as Meda manages to capture all 3 ladies in her arms, choking them simultaneously. As the team of girls lay gasping on the ground Meda picks one to attack, until another comes to try and save her friend. Meda releases whoever she had and goes after the next. Meda is completely unstoppable, tossing her foes off of her back with ease, capturing multiple girls in chokes and scissors at the same time. No matter what Lilith, Thea and Valerie try to do Meda gets the best of them. After a while the girls are exhausted and the KOs start to pile up as Meda continues her dominance with chokes, sleepers, kicks, punches, bearhugs, legs scissors, submission holds, pretty much anything she can think of to bend, stretch and KO her opponents. Meda even ragdolls and carries the girls around the mats when they won’t wake up or fight back. Finally all three ladies have had enough, Meda piles them up and walks away, having taught them all a painful lesson, don’t piss of The Incredible Meda.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time Meda is back again doing what she does best and that is, of course, completely destroying everyone she comes in contact with. Valerie, Lilith and Thea thought that with their powers combined, they could topple the mighty Meda. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for me, they were instantly and sadly mistaken as Meda takes immediate control tossing bikini clad girls to the mats left and right like she was swimming through a pool of them. Hard as they try, together or separate, Meda is indeed unstoppable. After several tries the girls start getting tried and Meda starts knocking them out. Before you know it, Meda has them all out cold and ends up with three pretty much ragdolls to play with. Meda has all the fun she can before piling them up and leaving them to sleep off there mistake. This one isn’t one of those crazy OTT squashes that I’d normally be jumping up and down, screaming about how awesome it is, but there is always something really great about seeing Meda dominate a handful of sexy girls. And our three hopeless jobbers all do a great job selling the whole, quickly losing their false confidence, turning to desperation and then of course finally turning to Meda’s play things. It really is always great to see and OTT or not I definitely loved this one.

Overall score: 9.5/10