Review of Meda Destroys Valerie and Tracy for 60 minutes

Review of DefeatedMeda Destroys Valerie and Tracy for 60 minutes – 60 mins

Valerie and Tracy are talking about how Meda defeated Stella last year. They think that together they can beat her. Meda enters in the room, and they each try a 1v1 before being forced into a 2v1. Unluckily for them Meda just destroys, humiliates and chokes both, more and more for 60 minutes, squeezing them so hard they drool all over and roll their eyes. She’s just impressive and so big and strong. They just have no chance, while Meda seems to be playing with flies, throwing them around so easily.

Got more Defeated action coming at you guys and this is a big one, and it’s a lot like “Stella’s 64 minutes Total Destruction”. Meda is in the mood for some destruction, as always, and got herself a match with Tracy and Valerie. You know I feel that two jobbers are better than one and these two girls have never met Meda before, but they certainly won’t forget her after this. The vid starts out with Valerie and Tracy talking about how all they really know about Meda is that she beat Stella, so they figure with 2 of them vs 1 Meda they’ll be alright. Wrong, Meda steps in and pretty much gets right to work, starting first with Valerie, who Meda easily dominates while Tracy watches. She makes Valerie weak and half-conscious in no time and then toys with Valerie for while causing her to drool all over, roll her eyes a lot and stick out her tongue just a little bit. And Valerie, as I suspected, really sold the hell out of this, I think you guys will be impressed with her.  After a while, Valerie can take no more and passes out. Meda ragdolls her a bit, but soon moves one to Tracy. Tracy suffers the same fate as Valerie, and sells it pretty well too, although she trades in the eyerolling Valerie did and does some twitching instead, but still plenty of drooling. If Valerie did some twitching as well as everything else she did, she really would have stolen the show. Meda takes off for a bit while both ladies sleep off their beatdowns, and just as they wake up Meda returns. Valerie and Tracy barely have a chance got gather their thoughts before they’re under attack again. This time they are dominated together and Meda makes it looks easy as tosses the two jobbers around like nothing, even easily tossing one aside while squeezing the life out of the other. It’s an awesome dominating video, I love Meda as the all power heel, easily dominating everyone she comes across, I also love just how much drooling is in this vid and just how long it is, also, the half-conscious reactions, that we get 1 on 1s before the handicapped 1 on 2 domination and Valerie really showing off that she could be another top jobber for Defeated. This is another instant classic and I hope you all get to check it out and love it as much as I did.

Overall Score: 10/10