Review of Sleeperkid’s World MASKS AND RAGS – 21 Mins

In this custom clip, Eden and Bambi Buttons deliver some amazing KO action throughout a myriad of unrelated segments, all featuring knockouts via either chloroform or gas mask attacks! The scenarios range from angry roommates to actresses performing through “real” chloroform, among many others.  A MUST for fans of chloro/mask KOs and perfect performances from two amazing actresses! Also included: ragdolling, foot on face chloro, dust mask KO, bare foot shots, eyerolling, and a final MASSIVE towel/chloro KO scene before we fade to black…

A really fun video here from SKW with a bunch of unconnected scenes with quick story set ups and plenty of great eyerolling KOs. As the title suggest all the KOs are either a chloro rag or mask, aside from the very last KO with Eden actually uses a towel over the head of Bambi for the final KO. I enjoyed all the setups, they’re all fun and creative. The KOs are great too as both Bambi and Eden can do some great eyerolling and this vid is a true highlight of that. Even the outfits are a nice change for the more normal outfits at SKW. I am quite the fan of the yoga pants/sports bra look. Overall, this is plenty of KOs, plenty of eyerolling, quick unconnected stories and beautiful girls that can really sell it all.

Overall Score: 9/10