Review of MASKED ALEX: part 3

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMASKED ALEX: part 3 – 23 mins

It’s mask vs. mask as Alex returns as masked wrestler La Machina to take on a mystery opponent with a sliver mask of her own. The mystery opponent talks a tough game but can she back it up? The action starts hard and fast in this no DQ, No Holds Barred match as the Silver Masked opponent unleashes with an immediate belly punch, followed by a devastating sleeper hold.  As La Machina fades out, she’s treated to a series of belly stomps.  But fear not, the wily veteran turns the tide with a low blow, followed by a sleep hold of her own…  It doesn’t take long to bring her silver bikinied opponent to the floor and then remove her mask… IT’S COCO!!!  Then it’s punishment and humiliation time with belly stomping payback, a dragon sleeper, a crushing reverse bear hug, reverse leg locks, cross-face arm bars, an inverted leg scissors and more! Coco is completely dominated, beaten and abused from this point forward. The KOs pile up quickly and before you know it Coco is twitching and drooling all over the place. Alex delivers the kind of over the top beat down her and her mask are quickly becoming famous for. After several devastating finishing moves, with Coco clearly having no idea where she is any more, SK is finally able talk some mercy into the merciless LA Machina. Alex brings the beating to an end, but not before a final humiliating matchbook pin and over the should victory pose. Alex also returns the mask to the face of her defeated foe before leaving Coco KO’d in the middle of the mats.

Slowly catching up on the SKW videos, but still trying not to skip any really good ones. Speaking of really good ones, the Masked Alex series makes another entry, this time starring the amazing Coco. And I am happy to say that this one matches up to the style this series has set with Lucy’s and Sumiko’s videos. Coco suffers a similar, fate as the power of the mask proves to be too much to handle. It was great to see Coco come in with her own mask and talk some trash, which actually made for a good joke as the both don’t know who the other girl is, because of the masks. Once the match gets started Coco’s mask quickly get removed, which is great. I don’t want to jobber’s face covered at all, so once Coco started losing the mask appropriately got tossed. Then we can see all the amazing OTT reactions Coco delivers. It a fantastic show, that starts a little over the top, but ends amazingly over the top. This is another great showing from Coco that shows us again why we all love her and Alex too, being the awesome trash talking heel that that she is, with a one liner for every move. Easy choice here guys, if you liked any Masked Alex video before this one is a no brainer.

Overall Score: 10/10