Review of MASKED ALEX: part 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMASKED ALEX: part 2 – 21 mins

We fade in to SK announcing that a one piece, boot wearing woman known only as ‘La Maquina’ has challenged fan favorite bikini clad jobber Sumiko to a most KO’s match. The two wrestlers stand back to back, faces full of contempt. SK officially starts the match and the ladies abruptly spin face to face, squaring off very briefly before Sumiko delivers a belly stomp as a lead in to a sleeper hold application. Sumiko is only cranking the sleeper a few moments when La Maquina delivers three sharp elbows, allowing her escape from the choke. La Maquina quickly snap mares the beautiful Sumiko and applies a sleeper hold of her own. Sumiko doesn’t have the same escapist luck as La Maquina and is slowly rendered unconscious. The first KO goes to La Maquina! Sumiko displays her well known skills as a complete jobber throughout this knock out free for all at the hands of La Maquina (Masked Alex). La Maquina is a sarcastically cruel heel who clearly relishes in her dominance over SKW’s tiny Asian beauty. Each KO is long and drawn out, showcasing Sumiko’s widely rolling eyes and slow journey to unconsciousness. The action itself is fast paced, with La Maquina not missing a beat as she puts Sumiko through the wringer. Sumiko is the victim of a myriad of attacks: from submission holds, to strikes and beyond. Sumiko is lying face down and spread eagled as we near the end of this bout. La Maquina tightly grasps her hair, lifting her limp head before slamming Sumiko’s pretty face several times into the mat. Each face slam racks Sumiko’s body with convulsions, leaving her a twitching, drooling mess. La Maquina isn’t quite done, so to wrap things up, she drags Sumiko to her feet and throws her into the wall. When Sumiko bounces back in La Maquina’s direction she is tossed into an over the knee back breaker which transitions to a “Sister Abigail”, and ultimately, the last KO of the match.

I was really couldn’t wait for whatever video that was going to come with the title “MASKED ALEX: part 2”, after the amazing job Lucy and Alex did in part one. I was very happy to find out that Sumiko was the second victim. I didn’t know how they were going to top Lucy’s video but once I knew it starred Sumiko you knew I was going to be in for a hell of a show and of course Sumiko lived up to her reputation. Not only that but Alex again did an excellent job being the trash talking heel that I always love her being. Alex may not have quite the strength that Sapphire does, but she a too is a veteran that know how to nail all the moves and her trash talk is top notch. I would safely say that Sapphire and Alex my two favorite heels at SKW. I really liked how this match slowly became more and more over the top. The first half of the match Sumiko’s KOs weren’t too crazy, but by the end Sumiko is twitching all over the place and drooling. It also felt like we got a little extra eyerolling in this one, which is something that is always welcomed. I also like that Alex kept squeezing Sumiko unconscious face and making her stick her tongue out. Overall, this in an easy must own and another Sumiko squash for my favorites list. I’ll never get tired of Sumiko squashes and I hope to see a MASKED ALEX: part 3 really soon.

Overall Score: 10/10