Review of Many Knockouts and Limp Play

Review of Mixed Wrestling ClubMany Knockouts and Limp Play – 17.5 mins

The guy starts the fighting attacking the little Lilith, starting from a standing sleeperhold to a sitting sleeperhold that KOs Lilith. The guy plays with Lilith’s limp body, tits and spanks her ass. Lilith wakes up from being put in a standing backbreaker, and then KO’d again via choke. The guy puts Lilith’s Bra on her head like a hat; she’s so ridiculous. Another sleeperhold KOs Lilith again! The guy is not satisfied yet. He takes Lilith into a body scissor, pinching her nipple and KOing with hand over mouth! He then ties her legs up in her own panties and he “victory poses” over Lilith in a John Travolta confused way.

Got another video from Defeated’s Mixed Wrestling Club and this one is really great. Poor Lilith gets completely man handled by this masked baddie. He KOs her repeatedly with ease, strips her bra off, plays with her limp body, carries her around and humiliates her at will. Although we have yet to see Lilith in one of those twitchy ragdoll vids that are become really popular at Defeated, this is definitely the second best thing we could get. I love how limber/flexible Lilith is, also since she’s so tiny she weights nothing and even this guy can act like SKW’s Tiny and just toss her around with ease. She sells it all very well too, from complete panic, trying to escape a hold, to the slow pass out, with a little eyerolling and when she is out, she’s super limp, you could do anything with her and she will be perfectly limp the whole time. And even though I am a fan of all the tattooed girls at Defeated, her almost completely tattoo free skin is nice and a great option for those who don’t like tattoos like I do. Lilith has some tough competition, but is definitely a favorite for me over at Defeated/Mixed Wrestling Club.

Overall Score: 9.5/10