Review of Madison’s Your Punching Bag

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison’s Your Punching Bag – 15 mins

You join Madison in the ring for a mixed boxing match. She’s quick to show off her spectacular muscles and tell you that you don’t stand a chance against her. When the bell rings she confidently offers to give you the first punch so you smash her in the jaw with an uppercut that sends her flying! She lies on the mat, eyes crossed, tongue sticking out, and twitching slightly. You wake her up and realize that she’s still out of it so you spend the remainder of the match using the bikini clad beauty as your punching bag! Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and belly blows stagger Madison as you knock her out over and over again! Her eyes are glassy, her speech slurred, and her face is yours for the punching! In the end, she asks you to please put her out of her misery and knock her out for good. This special custom video called for over the top reactions, tongue out, rolling eyes, and plenty of twitching … and the beautiful Madison definitely delivers!

Fem Wrestling Rooms’ most over the top POV boxing video to date comes, unsurprisingly, in my opinion, from the mind and the fingertips of yours truly. That’s right, this my first and definitely not last FWR custom and I am happy to tell you guys that Madison absolutely killed it. Of course, I think FWR is the best POV producer and we’ve seen Becca do somewhat similar matches before, so I felt it was time to see just how over the top Madison can be. I don’t think it’ll be hard to see my fingerprints on this one, an overly cocky and confident Madison dressed in a pink bikini and gloves, with boots and kneepads getting absolutely demolished with tons of KOs, plenty of twitching and wonderful eyerolling and tongue protrusion, minus a bit of drooling, it’s clearly my M.O. I love the intro with Madison flexing and bragging about how tough she is and how many guys she’s beaten before. I love the cocky, about to be jobber aspect and any reasons to have Madison flexing and posing is always a good idea. After she offers you a free shot on her jaw and you knock her out cold, the rest of the time she’s completely punch drunk and out of it, with lots of eyerolling and tongue protrusion, making it easy for you to KO her over and over. She over reacts to every punch, reeling and stumbling around wonderfully. She even tries to fight back at times, but her punches are nowhere close to her target. She twitches for every KO, except the last and final KO. We get plenty of different KO positions, my favorites are the ones where one of her legs get caught on the ropes, the spread eagle KOs and of course the Darri-air KO, which she twitches until she flat on her belly, which was a nice touch. Overall, I love FWR maledom POVs and they’re even better with a bit of my touch. Rick and Madison knocked this one out of the park, I loved every bit of it. This for me proves that Madison really is one of the top performers at FWR without a doubt, right there with Peyton and Becca and I can’t wait to get another, hopefully including one of them with Madison next time.

Overall Score: 11/10