Review of Madison’s Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Madison’s Invisible Foe – 19 Mins

The invisible foe returns and this time his (or maybe her?) sites are set on Madison! We join Madison, dressed in a skirt and top, stretching in the studio. Suddenly an invisible force punches her and she flies onto the couch, knocked out. She slowly slides down to the floor, ending up in a spread eagle position. For the next 20 minutes poor Madison is punched, choked, kicked, chopped, and sleepered to unconsciousness with every KO ending up in a wide spread eagle position. She tries to fight back, stripping out of her clothes down to a tiny bikini, but it does no good as she has no chance fighting this invisible foe! We’re sure you’ll LOVE seeing poor Madison flying and flopping all over the ring as she’s destroyed by the invisible foe!

The invisible foe series is back and with this being a favorite series of mine I couldn’t be happier to see Madison as the victim this time. As a surprise to no one what so ever, Madison comes through in outstanding fashion delivering a great addition to this series. As is accustomed to this series almost ever KO ends up in a spread eagle KO, but this time we do get a darri-air KO and more twitching then any before. It’s so much fun watch as Madison is tossed around the ring, into walls, and tied up in the ropes for many KOs. She also starts in a skirt and button up shirt, but ends in nothing but a bikini as she strips down, taking wild swings at her invisible foe, only to get KO’d again. Overall, this is arguably the best one of the series, but with such great competition it’s really hard for me to pick the very best. Either way, Madison did awesome and I can’t wait to see who is next.

Overall Score: 9.9/10