Review of Madison vs The Rookies: Best of Five

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison vs The Rookies: Best of Five – 21 mins

We join or resident muscle girl Madison as she brags about her domination of the FWR roster when Ziva and visiting Lonna challenge her to a handicap match. Madison quickly accepts and punches them both in the belly! She grabs the stunned girls in a double head lock then tosses them into the ring. Madison proceeds to take them both on at the same time with body slams, a double body splash, and a first round finisher of stunners. Sexy Madison poses with her bare foot on the cheeks of her victims after pinning them. Round two continues with one on one action with Lonna against Madison. But poor Lonna is no match for her foe and even with a little interference by Ziva, ends up flat on her back for Madison’s second pin and foot on face victory pose. The duo comes back though and ends up winning two rounds by using some double team tactics. But that’s not enough to take the wind out of Madison’s sails! She decisively trashes the 2 beauties to win two more rounds until both girls are unconscious and unable to continue! Don’t miss this amazing two vs one handicap match!

Madison looking great in this shiny red bikini as she puts a hurting on these two rookie, who thought it was a good idea to challenge her. Madison does a great job dominating both Ziva and Lonna, but she doesn’t come out completely unscathed, a little dirty fighting gave the rookies two round wins, but Madison definitely got the last laugh. This video show just how great of a powerful heel Madison can be but also just how great of jobber as well, which is one of the major reasons why Madison is one of my absolute favorites on the FWR roster. Ziva is local and Lonna is just visiting, I believe, but they both do pretty great in their performances here. It was great to see Madison dominate with some nice moves and plenty of pins, but I was also happy that she lost a few rounds too. A great handicapped match, where as always, experience wins.

Overall Score: 9/10