Review of Madison vs Rusty Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatMadison vs Rusty Boxing – 19 mins

Madison Swan returns to Hit the Mat! The sweet, fit beauty takes on the beast Rusty Nails in a boxing match.  Madison’s aggressive, but her super-solid ripped abs take quite the beating.  Featuring close ups of head-snapping jabs and hooks, and Madison’s solid abs getting punished. Madison suffers several knockdowns, and struggles to get up. At the end of the third round, Madison is still out on the floor.  Rusty, not satisfied with only 3 rounds, wakes her up to continue! Madison’s a fighter, but she doesn’t stand a chance, gets beaten about the ring and Rusty knocks her ass out once more.   Looks like Madison and those ripped abs are going to get tied up, blindfolded and used for a human punching bag!

Been a long time since I’ve reviewed a HTM video, of no fault, but my own. I just couldn’t pass on the chance to see Madison go down by the quick and crafty hands of Rusty Nails. As I mentioned, it has been a while since I’ve seen an HTM video, but this one is easily one of the best I’ve seen. Of course that starts with the fact that this is a total squash. Madison didn’t lay a finger on Rusty, or if she did, it had no effect on Rusty. Next, is how fast things go bad for Madison, only a minute or so into the first round Madison gets trapped in the corner and takes a lot of damage that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the match. I also love how many knockdowns there was, with Madison having to be saved by the bell for every round. Especially for the round before last, Madison gets completely KO’d, but is again saved by the bell. Rusty has to wake her up to finish the match. Madison is so out of it at this point it was clear she wasn’t going to last much longer. Madison being out of it is my last point. From the first round on, Madison is in trouble, with things only getting worse until the final KO. It was an excellent match and after the match a there’s a little more torture in store for poor Madison as she is treated to the HTM traditional human punching treatment. It’s all belly punches and Madison’s amazing abs are great for the punching. It goes on a little long for me and I would have like to little face punching to help mix up the punches, but all in all, it’s still a nice added punishment that works really well at HTM. Overall, I love boxing matches like this, one sided, lot of knock downs, getting saved by the bell a lot, lots of dazed reactions, a great KO and some post match punishment, all together makes for an excellent show.

Overall Score: 9.5/10