Review of Madison vs. Ashley (Late to the Pool)

Review of Knockout CatsMadison vs. Ashley (Late to the Pool) – 9 Mins

AshAshley and Madison are supposed to hang out at the pool together, but Ashley’s pissed when Madison shows up late. She pulls Madison by the hair and threatens to beat her down for making her wait. Madison will have none of that though, and she slugs Ashley in the stomach in retaliation. A few more solid punches and knees have Ashley doubled over in pain. Madison straddles her friend, pinning her to the ground while she knocks her head back and forth with fists from both directions. It’s lights out for Ashley, and Madison finally has a moment to strip down to her bikini and get prepared to go to the pool. Ashley wakes to find Madison in her bathroom, and she’s not about to let Madison knock her out like that in her own home. She goes for the hair again and drags Madison out to the living room to get her revenge. Not the greatest decision though since Madison blocks Ashley’s punch and counters with a few punches of her own. Ashley’s on her back again, but this time Madison decides to inflict some pain by applying a bow and arrow hold. Then it’s on to a headscissors, squeezing the life out of poor Ashley for another knockout. Ashley regains consciousness to realize she’s been laid out once again by the smaller girl. Madison still wants to head to the pool, but a woozy-yet-defiant Ashley chooses to swing some wild punches in Madison’s direction instead. Easily evading Ashley’s attacks, Madison tosses Ashley against the wall and connects with punch after punch to her pretty face. Ashley’s all but out on her feet. However, Madison shows her sadistic side by holding her BFF up and continuing the beating until Ashley slides down the wall. Now barely conscious, Ashley eats multiple knees to the face. To finish her off, Madison locks on a sleeperhold that sends Ashley to dreamland for a third time. To add insult to injury, Madison decides to snap some happy selfies with her unconscious “friend” hanging limp in her clutches. Finally, it’s time for our cuties to get some sun, so Madison awakens the sleeping beauty and drags her by her hair, following behind on her hands and knees right out the door. They’re going to make quite the entrance down at the pool! A dominant showing by the little hardbody, Madison, and a humiliating defeat for the aggressor, Ashley, in this one. Alright, see you at the pool!

Knockout Cats have been quite for a little while, but have recently released this ringer. Madison Swan, of FWR fame totally dominates the lovely Ashley Wildcat in quite an amazing way. For a nine minute video this one sure packs a lot of action. So one of my favorite things about this vid is that Ashley totally starts this fight, pulling Madison hair and talking tough only to get instantly dominated and it only gets better when each time Ashley wakes up for being KO’d she tries to fight Madison again, even when she’s still pretty dizzy from the KO. Nothing like a girl who doesn’t know when she’s beat. This beatdown also has a good mix of strikes, holds and a little humiliation added in for good measure. Ashley is a fantastic seller and I still don’t think we get to see her lose enough, for how good she it at it, but this definitely another solid performance. I hope to see more from not only these two talented, love ladies but hopeful more from Knockout Cats as well soon.

Overall Score: 9/10