Review of Madison Swan’s POV Boxing Defeat

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Review of Hit the MatMadison Swan’s POV Boxing Defeat – 15 mins

Madison Swan hits the mat! It’s a one-sided POV boxing beatdown that sees a dazed Madison completely overwhelmed, worked over and knocked out.

FWR’s beloved Madison goes over to HTM and gets completely demolished in this great POV match. This one is not only one sided, but I am pretty sure Madison didn’t even throw a punch much less land one, complete domination. Madison gets pretty dazed early on and only gets worse as the beatdown continues. There are plenty of knockdowns, most of them don’t have a count, but she makes it back to her feet every time, even with a few added punches while she’s down. I love Madison’s reactions, great facial expressions, great reeling from the punches and great punch drunk reactions as she stumbles around. Also her abs looks so amazing here too, her hard 6 pack was great for punches. Overall, this was probably my favorite POV video from recent memory. Madison really gives a quite a show.

Overall Score: 9.9/10

  • Good to see Madison branching out. Nothing against FMR love them but I think it’s always best if girls in each company do videos sometimes for other places especially with ones who have very different styles, types of videos for them to be in than their main company. It gets them more popular and exposure as well as not hurting the main company.

    Good video Madison is 3rd fav at FMR behind Peyton and Becca.

    I’ve said many times i’d love to see Peyton branch out to some other companys and other types of ko vids etc.

    • yes i love seeing girls a love from other productions work elsewhere. Madison killed her and I hope to see or other favs from FWR work more places, along as they always return to FWR.

  • Oh! I love how this hair moves in the air! She is wonderful! But… Those trunks… Ugly trunks! I thought she would strip that… But not… 🙁

    • Yeah, the trunks need to go. I mean, come on…it’s called “foxy boxing.” Part of the appeal is the girls looking…well, foxy. To me, there’s absolutely nothing foxy about a pair of trunks that covers up half the girl’s body. If you’re dead set on the trunks, at least use the ’80s-style “strip club boxing” trunks that cut the legs off clear up to the crotch. Otherwise, thongs, bikini briefs, and hot pants will do just fine, thanks.