Review of Madison Swan vs. Jezabel Romo Madison’s Harsh Wake Up Call

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Review of Woman’s Mat WrestlingMadison Swan vs. Jezabel Romo Madison’s Harsh Wake Up Call! – 9 mins

Young WMW rookie Madison Swan makes the mistake of underestimating one of our oldest and most experienced veterans in the fiery Latina Jezabel Romo, and suffers a severe price for it in this Pro-Style Ring encounter we can only call “Madison’s Harsh Wake Up Call”! Madison is none too happy when the match ends, but no doubt she’ll remember how tough Jezabel truly is vs. how tough she THOUGHT she was! Heading into the contest, Madison is talking mad on Jezabel, referring to her as a “has been”, a “nobody” and “all washed up”. But once Jezabel locks up with her, she quickly realizes she’s FAR from any of those things! In fact, her larger frame relative to her (something Jezabel makes immediate note of when she enters the ring, not at all impressed with her body) may even give her a distinct advantage! Regardless, Madison is in a lot of trouble and in for a LONG match! Jezabel takes the petite new girl down in a Side Headlock soon after the lock up, immediately frustrating her. When the two are back on their feet, Madison manages to find a way to get Jezabel into a Hammerlock briefly, but the crafty vet forces her to break that by bringing her leg backward and delivering a Low Blow! Madison has just a bit to learn yet as to the tricks of the trade in the wrestling business! Somewhat pissed off now, Jezabel starts to get more aggressive. She backs Madison into a corner with several Forearms, and then just Stomps the hell out of her once she has her caught there. An Irish Whip across the ring and a Running Body Splash follow all of that, sending Madison to the mat in a heap! She really shouldn’t have talked like she did if she couldn’t back it up! Desperate to get back in the fight, Madison tries to punch Jezabel in the stomach, but her attack is countered with ease, as Jezabel grabs her arm (chiding her for using it like this in a past match not yet seen) lifts it up and brings it down HARD towards the canvas, eliciting a loud yell of pain from Madison. This isn’t the worst of her pain though trust us! No what’s worse is what comes next! Jezabel brings Madison back to mat with a Snapmare Takeover, and after spreading her legs wide open, drops two crushing Headbutts to her Crotch! I imagine given the choice, Madison mighta taken more arm damage as opposed to these attacks! And the hard strikes continue after them as well, with a series of Belly Punches delivered first, and then after Jezabel goes for a pin and she somehow manages to kick out, two solid Knee Drops on her! Madison is in hell to say the very least! Now however, Jezabel’s attention turns to trying to get a submission out of poor weak Madison! She does this by going for a Triangle Arm Bar, wrenching on her already hurting arm for all she can muster! To her credit though and to Jezabel’s amusement, Madison not only refuses to tap out, she manages to find a way to get out of the hold as well! If only it would have changed her luck in the overall match though! Instead…she gets more pain on that arm, courtesy of Jezabel’s foot pressed right on it after another Irish Whip into the corner! A couple more Belly Punches are struck after just for giggles, and then Madison finds herself in a Wristlock in the center of the ring. She just can’t seem to catch a break against Jezabel! The Wristlock (with a little more Arm Pulling for good measure), turns into a Hammerlock (with a few Forearms mixed in) before long, Jezabel just completely going to town on Madison’s injured arm! She smells fear, and just as a shark does when they smell it, she is attacking! And to that end soon after the Hammerlock, Jezabel goes back to the Triangle Arm Bar, this time not letting off for nothing! Madison could fight for hours in the hold and she isn’t going to get out of it! The only way it’s gonna be let off is if she taps, or if she has her arm broken! And Jezabel will surely do the latter if she has to! Given those options, Madison eventually is forced to tap, ending her torment for the day. And just to rub salt in the wound, Jezabel seats herself atop her and pins her after fact, and punishes her arm even FURTHER with more Pulling and several more Forearms to it, making it all the more clearer who the best woman was in this one! This is HER ring! Madison is just damn lucky she got a shot to play in it! A VERY pissed Madison claims this is far from over as she makes her exit, but any disputes will have to be settled another time! For this battle, Jezabel was the definitive winner by a mile! If you’re into younger girls getting put through their paces by an older and much more experienced veteran, then you’ll definitely want to get this match!

I really love seeing my favorite show up working for other productions, especially another production that I already like. So it was easy for me to grab this video when I found FWR’s Madison at WMW. Of course the bigger selling point is that Madison gets squashed in this pro style match up at the hands of Lucha Girls’ Jezabel Romo. I like how confident Madison started out, that just makes her getting crushed even better. I like that Jezabel delivered plenty of trash talking herself and that she soon focused on damaging Madison’s arm which eventually gave her the submission in the end. Now of course I would have loved a KO ending, because Madison being able to walk away from this match and even still have some aggression left toward Jezabel makes me feel like Madison really hasn’t learned her lesson yet. When Jezabel is done, Madison should be finished, not wanting any more trouble from Jezabel again or better yet, not even able to leave the ring and all. Of course, that’s just how I like to see things end. Hopefully, Madison gets her rematch and hopefully, Jezabel really teaches Madison a lesson next time. But for now, this was a solid pro style squash with a submission ending and Madison really does look amazing and sells it great too.

Overall Score: 8.5/10