Review of MADISON meets THE KID

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMADISON meets THE KID – 18 Mins

skShot in the FWR ring! We fade in on SK issuing an open challenge to anyone in the FWR locker room.  We see a lovely lady donning a mask enter the ring, only to attack the Kid with a blow to the back.  She traps him in a killer neckscissors that slowly puts him out as he wonders who the hell his attacker is.  The girl in blue wakes him up and puts him out AGAIN, this time with a super-tight reverse figure four neck scissors!  The female heel finally stands up and removes her mask.  It’s FWR’s MADISON!  She talks trash as SK slowly wakes up behind her and nails a brutal low blow. Angered, SK decides to make an example out of the now weakened Madison, destroying her all OVER her own ring, until a final KO and pin END it for the would be ass-kicker!

Another one of the remaining videos from SKW’s trip to FWR. This one starring one of my FWR favorites, Madison. This one starts off a little rough for me, as Madison dominates SK for the first few mins, but I just skip past that part and move on to the good part, the majority of the video, of course which  is SK getting his payback on the curvy brunette. SK delivers his payback in true SKW/Machine like fashion, literally beating poor Madison from pillar to post, and everywhere in between. Madison shows off some of her best jobbing skill that I’ve seen so far, giving us beautiful reactions and ending up wonderful KO positions, which the sexy suit, wrapped around that fit body, makes even better. Also a very solid move list, a little different for the SKW normal, as SK takes full advantage of being in the FWR ring, using the ropes and the turnbuckles to his advantage. Overall the only thing to complain about for this one is those first few minutes, which just isn’t my thing, other than that this was a fantastic, sexy, brutal and satisfying squash.

Overall Score: 9.5/10