Review of Madison Meets Indica

Review of Fem Wresting RoomsMadison Meets Indica – 11.5 mins

Madison loves a good fight but when she exited the dressing room to head to the ring she stopped in her tracks! In the ring was a tough looking girl that looked like she could handle herself in the ring. Madison retreated to the dressing room and came up with a plan … hide an illegal object in her suit to use in case things got out of hand! Back in the ring the girls begin the match and it’s obvious that the new wrestler, Indica, knows what she’s doing! She dominates Madison with a tight head lock, boot chokes in the corner, and a back breaking dragon sleeper. Madison finally manages to get her hand down to her trunks to remove the foreign object then SMASHES it into Indica’s head! A quick reversal has Madison in control with her own dragon sleeper, some choking on the mat, a head lock, some corner belly poundings, plenty of head scissors, and a back breaking camel clutch. We’d love to say that Madison took this one home with a spectacular victory but we can’t. Indica is a tough cookie and you’ll need to purchase the video to see her spectacular turn around victory. Please welcome Indica to FWR!

I love that it seems like every week I get to say how we have yet another new girl debuting at FWR and this week is no different as we have the brand new Indica making her debut against Madison. Again Rick does a wonderful job making sure that all these new girls aren’t introduced in some sort of cookie cutter match. Not only that, but he makes sure we get to see Indica both winning and losing in this match, which is super important, in my opinion. Indica is definitely a badass looking chick, so I was happy to see her dominate the majority of the match and come out on top. She fits that dominate role well, even against Madison. Of course Madison is a great jobber too, which is another reason why I enjoyed this one. I like that Madison had to cheat to get a control of the match too, it’s always fun to see a little cheating going on. Indica did well in the jobber role too, not bad for her first time, but I like her better in the heel role, so far. Overall this was another great first impression and a great overall match. I think we’ll be seeing Indica kicking a lot of ass at FWR soon.

Overall Score: 9/10