Review of Madison Learns a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison Learns a Lesson – 11 mins

We join Madison in the ring discussing how Hollywood managed to beat her and Reni in a previous match and how she knows that she’ll win against the woman in a one on one match. Enter Hollywood, add a little trash talk, and the fight is on! Madison actually does pretty good against the veteran wrestler in the beginning with some corner work, a snap mare, a double arm pull, a little illegal choking, and a reverse schoolgirl pin. But when our long haired beauty goes for a step over toe hold, Hollywood sees her chance and reverses it. The G.L.O.W. star takes over and incorporates her dirty sneakers into the match to humiliate poor Madison. You’ll see two corner foot chokes, a snap mare, scissor holds, and plenty of shoe in face wrestling holds! Hollywood even puts Madison in a camel clutch then forces her to kiss her shoes!! A final (and quite spectacular) sleeper hold knocks Madison out, giving the win and foot on face victory pose to the always amazing Hollywood!

I believe the match Madison was taking about is “Don’t Mess with Hollywood” where she was the ref, but still got destroyed much to my enjoyment. This one goes about the same for poor Madison as the legend once again proves to be too much for her. I really like the shoe on the face thing, I am a big fan of converse and watching Hollywood continuously change up her holds and find new ways to stuff them in Madison’s face were quite exciting. Also Madison has really been getting better and better as a jobber at FWR and I really look forward to every chance to see her dominated and defeated. I always love to have at least one KO in videos like this that are mostly humiliation and submission holds and with this one I get a great sleeper hold, that again, Madison just sells fantastically. Overall, I love the sneakers in the face, better than bare feet in my eyes, and I love Madison a little more with each defeat she suffers.

Overall Score: 9.5/10