Review of Madison Destroys Ryan

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison Destroys Ryan – 12 mins

We join the visiting female wrestler Ryan in the ring as she stretches prior to her match. Madison enters and challenges the girl to a best of 5 round wrestling match. Ryan isn’t intimidated by the muscular beauty in green and agrees. She heads to her corner only to get attacked by Madison and totally dominated for three pain filled rounds! Madison works over Ryan’s flexible back with stomps and kicks then uses lots of back breaking holds to destroy her. The visiting beauty experiences Madison’s arsenal of wrestling moves that include a Boston crab, dragon sleeper knockout, standing face up head scissors, fireman’s carry with power stretch knockout, a camel clutch, an over the knee back breaker, and a torture rack knockout. Poor Ryan is finally placed in some amazing poses as Madison celebrates her victory over the unconscious female wrestler. Don’t miss this amazing match!

These are the kind of matches that are so unique, because only someone super flexible can pull off these moves. Any of these incredibly painful looking hold would break a normal girl in two, easily. I feel like Ryan’s flexibility wasn’t put on such and amazing display when she was a local wrestler for FWR and it’s definitely something that saddened me, because who knows when we’ll get the opportunity to see her again. I will say SKW did take advantage of Ryan’s flexibility a little, but nothing like this. Ryan is bent in such a way it’s hard to find the words. Basically, her feet and head touched several times in throughout this, it’s incredible. And best of all, there were not only a few KOs where Ryan would just go limp in these holds, but she also got bent a few more times after she was completely out cold at the end of the match. It’s something you can only expect from Ryan, I’m very happy we got to see and can only hope we get another chance in the not too distant future.

Overall score: 9.9/10