Review of Madison Becomes a Ragdoll

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Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsMadison Becomes a Ragdoll – 10 Mins

AshleyAshley Wildcat walks in to find FWR’s Madison Swan is unconscious, having just got her ass kicked and decides to “up Madison’s pain threshold” by demoing a bunch of wrestling holds! Madison’s limp, bikini clad body is put through a series of chokes, over the knee back breakers, abdominal stretches, camel clutches, full nelsons and more before the Wildcat’s had her fill, leave Madison just the way she found her, out cold in the middle of the mats.

Here’s a video that I just knew I had to get immediately. A Madison ragdoll video is easily a top 10 most hoped for video for me. So, I pretty much loved this before I even saw it. Now, after seeing it I still totally love it. Madison does an excellent job of being completely limp the whole time, I mean she wasn’t conscious for a second of this video and she gave no resistance of anything, a really great ragdoll. There’s a really nice focus on Madison’s abs in this, so there’s a lot of nice shots of her toned belly, which I loved. There’s a decent amount of moves, most of them work over Madison’s back which stretches and shows of her belly. Madison moans a lot from the pain, getting pretty loud at times, but that is her only reaction, no facial expressions and her body stays completely limp. Ashley talks some trash while she plays with Madison, not too much, not too little. I am completely crazy for ragdoll vids as you guys know, I’d love to see all my favorites get ragdolled at some point and this one does a lot right for me, show off a lot Madison, mostly her abs, but still giving us a good look around. But should there ever come a time and you guys get to do this again, let us get some facial expressions and a little twitching or a little reaction from the body, then you’ll earn a perfect 10 for me. I’m still totally in love with vid, at totally limp and ragdolled Madison is quite an amazing sight, I sight I hope to see again.

Overall score 9/10