Review of Sleeperkid’s World LUNA’S SECRET – 30 mins

We fade in on SK (via POV camera) getting ready for his date with the lovely Luna… but she has OTHER plans.  She invites SK into the bed room and confesses her attraction to knockouts.  She tells him she used to watch sci-fi films when she was younger that featured cute sentry girls wearing the SAME kind of suit she’s dressed in getting knocked out by “badass ninjas”…and it started her desire to roleplay getting knocked out.  SK is understandably surprised but decides to indulge Luna, agreeing to “knock her out” repeatedly, if only to let her explore her formerly secret tastes!  What follows is a very fun trip down Luna’s fantasy lane, as SK sends her to dreamland time and time again, culminating in a special toy she asks to be finished with (spoiler alert: it’s a machine gun!) before their adventurous night finally ends!

I can’t imagine how anyone could not love Luna. Has she ever done a video that wasn’t amazing? I don’t think so. This is another one to add to her list of great roles, as she plays a willing victim in this awesome POV video. I love her willingness to get KO’d, it’s always fun to have a willing victim, but she was not only willing, but was loving it, and she does it very convincingly. There is also a great mix of KOs, from just a punch right in the kisser, to tanq guns, hypnosis, black jack KOs, and gas mask. All which Luna sells like only she can, which is flawlessly, I absolutely love her reactions. I also love that she fights to say conscious for just about every KO, so we get lots of eye rolling and dizzy reactions. Then once she does finally go out cold, she ends up in tons of sexy positions, with the last one leaving her spread eagle on the floor. This is an awesome vid, this a good story and awesome reactions and KOs from the amazing Luna. I’ve got to say, after my custom, this vid and really everything else she’s done at SKW/JVf, I think it’s fair to say that as an actress and jobber, Luna is on that Sumiko level. I really think she’s that good. I just wish we could have her around more often.

Overall Score: 10/10