Review of Luna’s Ragdoll Shoot

Review of Velvet’s FantasiesLuna’s Ragdoll Shoot – 29 Mins

lunaWe fade in as the lovely Luna makes her way to Sleeperkid’s place for a professional photo session. They greet and he asks her to set up in the bedroom for some casual shots. Luna is all smiles as she poses, but when SK pops open his camera’s flash and uses it, her eyes glaze over for a second. SK smiles as he continues to use his camera flash… one that we realize has been designed to cause a slow trip to Dreamland for anyone facing it. A confused and groggy Luna tries to stay awake, posing for the devious camera man, but one final flash pop knocks her out cold!!! SK grins and proceeds to have fun with the unconscious beauty, carrying her around the room, letting her slide off the bed, ragdolling her repeatedly, and more… with Luna coming to from time to time, only to get knocked out again with another flash pop and a variety of SK’s KO toys! He eventually strips the lovely Luna down to her underwear and continues his carries and ragdolling, leaving Luna looking like a broken doll from time to time, knocking her out repeatedly only to finish her off with a special sedative that he injects into her derriere. Luna gasps and slowly succumbs to the memory-erasing drug, leaving SK to drive her home and tuck her into bed (not shown) so she remembers…nothing.

Luna and Velvets Fantasies make some of the sexiest, well done and entertaining vids in this genre. Luna is such a talent, she really has that effect on a lot of productions she works for. This one gets real good, real fast, as soon as SK’s camera gets to flashing Luna starts pouring on all of that amazing selling that we all love her for. Once Luna is out cold, she is the picture perfect ragdoll, very flexible, limp, easy to move around and carry. SK makes sure to show this off very well, rolling her around a lot, carrying her, posing her in all sorts of great positions and of course stripping her down to almost nothing. I love this story idea, love how amazingly Luna reacts to the flashes, we even get a little bit of twitching and tongue protrusion in addition to the excellent eyerolling. There’s also a couple of other KO toys used besides for the camera flash and they all work great too. I love Luna so much, every time she’s at VF/SKW she creates blockbuster vids and this is just another one to add to that list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10