Review of Luna Off Guard

Review of Velvets FantasiesLuna Off Guard – 30 Mins

lunaWe fade in on Agent Luna decked out in her shiny black suit, polishing her hand gun when she heard a noise at the door. She opens it cautiously and is surprised by a brutal blow to the belly, followed by a long sleeper hold from an unknown rival agent (played by SK). She fades away into a deep state of unconsciousness, and SK checks her body for weapons and intel. He finds a small instruction booklet telling him that everything in the house operates with the aid of a bracelet on Luna’s wrist. Remove the bracelet and it explodes, killing everyone within several meters. A frustrated SK carries her to the bedroom, using her limp hand to open the door. He places her limp body on the bed and removes her gun, belt, and boots. He searches her some more and notices her personal laptop across the room. He drags the sleeping Luna over to the laptop in order to power it up and unlock it. He fills a flash drive with the information he needs and looks outside for his pick-up as Luna comes to and approaches him. She takes him out with a massive karate chop and runs to grab some rope. When she returns, however, SK is gone… that is, he’s standing RIGHT behind her as she inspects the room! He proceeds to chloroform the agent into unconsciousness and rag dolls her a bit before leaving. She comes to and stumbles to the living room, but her bracelet refuses to open the front door. SK suddenly steps out and shoots her in the back with a tranquilizer pellet, leading to a slow KO against the door. The rival agent over the shoulder carries her back to the bedroom and realizes his flash drive is gone. He rag dolls her on the bed and performs a more “thorough” search, finding his flash drive tucked between Luna’s breasts (under her suit). Ready to leave, the agent wakes Luna up and proceeds to deliver a final knockout via two consecutive belly punch/uppercut combos!!! He picks the sleeping agent up one last time and uses her bracelet to open the living room door. He leaves her laying over the couch as he makes a successful escape after having his sleepy fun with her. ***Note: this film includes a “darker” alternate ending that features a devastated Luna awakening and taking herself out of the equation via her own weapon. If this type of action is not to your liking, please feel free to stop watching after the original KO ending.***

Another awesome Velvets review coming at you via request. Another one that I’m really excited to bring to anyone’s attention who might have missed it. Luna again and as always does an amazing job delivering excellence in all aspects of her performance. I don’t know how anyone could not love this girl after just one of her vids. This vid is a lot like “Luna’s Ragdoll Shoot”, in the fact that most of the time Luna is out cold, being ragdolled, dragged, carried and all that other limp play stuff we love. She wakes up a good number of times, only to get KO’d again and every KO comes with outstanding reactions, great eyerolling, great struggling and of course after she’s out cold, great limpness. I am a big fan of the shiny suit, but would prefer no pantyhose, so that we can see her feet better. There’s also an SK KO in the middle of this vid, definitely not a fan of that, to the point that I skip over it every time, but it’s pretty quick then it’s right back to the Luna action. This one also has an extended ending where Luna takes herself out after realizing she’s failed her mission, which I also really enjoyed as Luna “kills” the selling there too. Luna is a safe bet when it comes to bringing us a great show, so if you missed this one, don’t hesitate to grab it

Overall Score: 9.5/10