Review of Sleeperkid’s World LUCY PURR vs THE INVISIBLE – 18 mins

Another lovely victim falls to The Invisible, and this time it’s the lovely LUCY PURR, who’s in the middle of a light workout when the dastardly bastard attacks!   Lucy takes repeated KOs and is ragdolled in between her naps as The Invisible takes his time, laying her out until she’s completely out.  One final shot takes us out of this poor wrestler’s nightmare, as Lucy tries to make her way to her feet… only to collapse unconscious to the mats!

Another great invisible match, a definite favorite series of mine and this time it’s Lucy. This one is done in a little different fashion than most of the others, like Sumiko, Anne-Marie, Kayla and especially Jordynne really toss themselves around, pulling off some high impact moves and hell of a beating, but Lucy’s is a calmer with some great, but simple KOs, than a lot of it is Lucy laid out, being rolled around, struggling back to her feet, passing back out and best of all, plenty of twitching. Lucy does an outstanding job selling every bit of it. She looks great while being really dazed, getting ragdolled and does great twitching. I loved her struggling to get back to her feet, only to pass out, or being on spaghetti legs and getting punched out. She also looks amazing in the red bikini. This is definitely an amazing addition to this series, I really enjoyed the calmer version of an invisible match and I can’t wait to see who gets to beat themselves up next.  

Overall Score: 9.9/10

  • OMG

    but where is the eye work?

    • yea not a whole lot here, didn’t brake this one me, but would have been nice.

      • OMG

        unfortunately it did for me but there is a new Lucy KO video on Girls Getting Sleepy 🙂

        • which probably doesn’t have any either… but i didn’t look, just talking out my ass. lol

  • Now, this is Purrfect.

    I especially like the segment where she keeps trying to get up and gets punched back down.

    I think there have been other invisible opponents who have done a wider variety of wrestling holds and limp play, but this one is solid.