Review of Sleeperkid’s World LUCY PURR vs BAMBI BUTTONS – 33 Mins

BambiAn epic multi-round battle, featuring two of SKW’s best!!! The lovely Lucy Purr and Bambi Buttons duke it out after Lucy catches Bambi practicing her victory poses, the kind she says she’ll be using on her opponent.  Lucy fires back with some threats and round one begins!!! Each round ends with a KO (held on a few seconds after the victim is out), a 5 count straddle pin, and victory pose. Round one: Lucy dominates with a full nelson and sleeper KO… Round two: Lucy wins a test of strength and knocks Bambi out with a standing neckscissors… Round three:  Lucy dominates with an iron claw KO… Round four: Bambi escapes a bearhug and applies her own, slowly draining Lucy of consciousness… Round five: Bambi defeats Lucy with an extended hangman KO… Round six: Bambi knocks Lucy out with a scissors/sleeper combo… Round seven: Bambi dominates with a camel clutch followed by a rear naked choke knockout… Round eight: Bambi traps Lucy in a neck scissors but Lucy counters with a belly claw. She holds the claw until Bambi Blacks out from the pain… Round nine: Bambi wins via a reverse figure 4 neck scissors KO… Round ten: Bambi dominates with a double foot smother KO… Round eleven: Bambi dominates with belly punches and a crushing body scissors KO… Round twelve: Lucy counters Bambi’s foot smother with a pressure point and then dominates with a forced foot smother KO… Round thirteen: Lucy dominates with yet another double foot smother KO! … Round fourteen: Lucy dominates with an over the knee backbreaker/belly claw combo that knocks Bambi out… Round fifteen: Lucy dominates with multiple belly splashes, followed by a straddle scissors knockout. A final split victory pose and your winner (LUCY) is announced!

I actually didn’t even notice this was a 30+ minute video until just a minute ago, even after editing the GIF, apparently it’s just that much fun to watch. Lucy and Bambi put on a great show for us in the multi, multi, multi round video. I don’t think there is an SKW video with 15 rounds. Anyway, the action in this one is awesome, back and forth and diverse, with each one of these ladies having a fair amount of time in the driver seat and I like that the control is done in chucks and not just back and forth with each round. Even better some rounds the one who starts in control, doesn’t always win that round. I think both girls sold great, giving us very great reactions, especially with the holds being held on and wrenched a little after each KO. I love all the pins, no leg hooks though, and all the victory poses. Bambi and Lucy have amazing physics and look awesome posing over each other with each passing round. Both ladies talk tough and confident while they have the chance. Ultimately, Lucy gets the last laugh, and victory pose, and honestly, I would have been happy no matter who won, both these girls look great and sold great, no need to pick favorites this time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10