Review of Sleeperkid’s worldLUCY PURR meets THE MACHINE – 14 mins

The Machine claims yet ANOTHER victim, and this time it’s the stunning Lucy Purr! We fade in on Lucy delivering a very anti-Machine message to her fans (and Sumiko…who provides commentary)…only to have the masked maniac himself creep up and slap on a tight sleeper hold!  It’s lights out for Lucy, leading to a one-sided beatdown that she won’t soon forget!

I got to come right out the gate and just say that I love Lucy! When she started I thought she was good, she always had the looks, but now that she’s been here for a while and has clearly gotten conformable, she is doing some really top notch selling, recently “LUCY PURR vs THE INVISIBLE” and now this, Lucy has made herself another favorite in my book and someone that I truly look forward to seeing in action more often. That being said, this one starts out as a pretty normal one sided beatdown, with Sumiko providing some great pro-Lucy/anti-Machine commentary, then suddenly turns into a far beyond driven match when The Machine decides to hand out piledriver after piledriver, quickly reducing Lucy to a twitchy, near ragdoll state. Of course Sumiko cranks it up too, literally begging The Machine to stop the madness, which he eventually does, but not before Lucy is completely destroyed with about 10 (guessing) back to back piledrivers. As you guys know, I’m a huge one sided match fan and this is one that just reminds us, Tiny isn’t the only one that can hand out massive piledriver destructions. This was a brutal squash that has definitely moved Lucy up a few places on my never ending list of favorite jobbers list and should be missed by any fan of Lucy or one sided squash fans, like me.

Overall Score: 9.9/10