Review of Lucy Knocked Out

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyLucy Knocked Out – 15 Mins

LucyLucy answers a knock at the door and is quickly hit on the head with a club. Her eyes roll up and she staggers back in a daze, making way for the intruder to enter her room. Lucy struggles to stay awake, but eventually passes out on her couch where she becomes her assailant’s play toy. Lucy is undressed and played with while she is unconscious. Lucy wakes up three times throughout, being knocked out again each and every time.

Been a long time since I covered something from Girls Getting Sleepy and what better way the to review this one, with SKW fan favorite, Lucy Purr? The thing about GGS is that most of their videos follow the same idea, knockout, strip down, very little dialog and all shot in POV. So, the girls really make all the difference. Those of you guys that ever seen Lucy work at SKW know she’s an excellent seller and that doesn’t change here. We get great reactions as her eyes roll and cross as she struggles to stay conscious. There’s some foot views, eye checks, limp play and groping. All good things for any sleepy vid. She does get stripped fully naked, which is something you’ll never see her do at SKW. Lucy makes this GGS vid very enjoyable, it’s still simple overall, but Lucy’s performance makes this one worth checking out.

Overall score: 8/10