Review of Lucky vs Janira – Strip Boxing

Review of Hit the MatLucky vs Janira – Strip Boxing – 20 Mins

LuckyLucky O’Shea takes on newcomer Janira! Lucky proclaims to be the best female boxer in all of Southern California and is looking to finally fight Darrius. Janira is a fitness model making her industry boxing debut. Lucky feels that Darrius pit them against each other so he wouldn’t have to fight, but will kick Janira’s ass anyway. This is a strip boxing match, and a knockout/ten count means clothing must come off. Lucky shows Janira no respect and is talking massive trash for much of the match. But her proclamation of being the best boxer seems a bit overstated, as she is knocked out enough to end up completely nude. Janira as well ends up completely nude after taking a severe beating, and this final knockout will determine the winner and who ultimately gets to face Darrius. Spoilers: Lucky O’Shea Wins

Some nice sexy boxing action from HTM and let me tell you, Lucky O’Shea is the total package, she just makes every video she’s in better, whether it’s from her fun trash talking, her amazing selling, or just that she’s so amazing looking, no matter what you’re doing it’s going to be better with a little Lucky. Janira, I don’t know how she is, but she is quite great looking herself and also did a good job selling, but was definitely wiping her hair from her face a bit too much. I normally don’t even notice when they do that, but she was doing it seemingly after every punch. I love the strip boxing idea, not only because both girls get stripped naked, but also because it give us multiple KOs and since there were so many KOs, we get a mix of total KOs, from Janira, and just can’t beat the count KOs, from Lucky. In the end they both end up full nude, and Lucky gets the win. I hope she does face Darrius soon, I can’t wait to see more boxing action from Lucky, she’s always so much fun to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10