Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLUCKY O’SHEA vs SUMIKO: PRO STYLE – 22 Mins

LuckyAn instant CLASSIC PRO BATTLE between two of the loveliest ladies in the biz!!! This NHB/no DQ battle between Lucky O’Shea and Sumiko is just…amazing, guys.  Seriously.  The two badass fighters do their very best to take the other one down and out for the win, but only ONE lady can emerge victorious…and here’s the breakdown. Round one:  Lucky dominates with belly punching against the wall, a single leg choke, snap mare, scissors/nelson combo, an X-Factor KO, and THREE surfboard/curb stomp KOs that put Sumiko down for the pin and win! Round two: Sumiko takes charge with a fireman’s carry, belly buster, a carthwheel splash, split belly splash, a handstand splash, a FLYING neckscissors takedown, a dropkick to the back, and a sudden arm-wringer / CHIN-BREAKER BOOT DROP (AKA: Gail Kim’s “EAT DEFEAT”) for the KO and split pin! Round three: Lucky takes charge with a brutal torture rack that has Sumiko screaming, followed by a standing surfboard and a surfboard face slam KO!  Lucky continues, delivering her own cartwheel splashes, and a brutal FISHERMAN’S NECKBREAKER KO!!!  Lucky uses a matchbook pin to get the win! Round four: Lucky in charge again!  She gives Sumiko a snap mare, followed by some hair mares and complete body tosses across the mats.  She slams Sumiko’s face into the wall and goes for a splash but Sumiko ducks out of the way!  A dazed Lucky collapses back to the mats, KO’ed, but Sumiko wakes her up and delivers a suplex…followed by a sleeper hold that slowly knocks Lucky out, complete with some twitching and drooling after she’s in Dreamland!  Her strength returned, Sumiko picks a nearly limp Lucky out and DROPS her with a brutal FISHERMAN’S STUNNER for the KO and pin! Round five: the girls are winded, but a sudden double X-Factor leaves them both OUT cold on the mats!  SK starts the count but they come to, with Lucky trapping Sumiko in a sleeper!  Sumiko fades, but manages to land a brutal chinbreaker that knocks Lucky out!  Too weak to continue, Sumiko passes out, with Lucky crashing down on top of her!  SK counts them out…and we move on to the FINAL ROUND! FINALE:  both ladies are exhausted but they continue. Lucky manages to trap Sumiko in a reverse piledriver after Sumiko fails to lift her!  Sumiko is OUT but Lucky cannot get the 10 count!  Lucky presses the advantage with a brutal piledriver KO but Sumiko kicks out yet again!  A TOMBSTONE KO follows but Sumiko manages to lift her shoulder, until an enraged Lucky goes for a second tombstone only to have it REVERSED!!!   Sumiko drops Lucky with the piledriver and can barely make it over for a pin!   Lucky is as stubborn as Sumiko and manages to kick out so Sumiko gathers her remaining strength and nails a small package roll-out piledriver, but Lucky manages one final kickout.  Enraged, Sumiko goes for an off the wall BULLDOG that finally puts Lucky down AND OUT for the ten count pin!!

Here’s a vid that based on the two awesome talents that star in it, you just can’t go wrong. When it comes to Lucky and Sumiko, there is no literal way that the video won’t be awesome, as they are both excellent performers, both winning and losing. Lucky for us, or lucky for me, they both do a good amount of losing in this one and they both live up to their own reputations and sell amazingly. They’re both veterans and legends in this business, the moves they can execute are flawless and quite impressive. Lots of high flying, high impact moves, with their excellent selling on the backside and with an ending that could rival some of the stuff you see on TV. You’re just not going to find these kind of moves coupled with this kind of selling anywhere else. I also love the outfits, with Lucky’s being my favorite of the two, I just love shiny one pieces, looks amazing on Lucky. Of course Sumiko looks great to, the fact that you can still see her 6 pack abs through the one piece is amazing. So, in the end, this one is a no brainer, prostyle action, SKW style KOs and selling, with these two beautiful legends is something you just can’t find anywhere else.

Overall Score: 9.9/10